"Our restaurants are cleaner and free of the messes caused by shortening spills - our employees are happier and love the RTI system"
Russ Warder
Franchise Owner

Research confirms that maintaining a clean environment is mandatory to provide a satisfying dining experience.

Clean, From the Kitchen to the Curb

Foodservice organizations spend a lot of time ensuring the cleanliness of customer-facing areas of the business, but a healthy environment requires that the back of the house, and external areas, be just as clean and modernized. An automated oil management solution eliminates the need for a dirty, smelly rendering tank, and all the unpleasant odors and pests that come with it.

It also eliminates the possibility of spills and oil trails to and from the rendering tank or the trash and decreases the time employees spend cleaning in the kitchen area and outside of the restaurant where oil is disposed. Having a clean interior and exterior not only improves worker safety but proves to customers that cleanliness is a priority. RTI makes cooking oil disposal quick, easy, and clean.