Cooking Oil Filtration Systems

Filtering your restaurant's fryer oil has many benefits, from extending the life of the oil to increasing the food quality. RTI has cooking oil filtration systems that we can install into most existing fryer setups. You can greatly increase the usable life of your cooking oil supply by running it through our Roll-Up Oil Filtration Units, instead of simply replacing the oil. This system, paired with our Filtration Monitoring and Oil Management System, will give you more use out of your restaurant's fry oil. It is safer for employees, it lasts longer, and it removes the unsightly waste that normally comes with frying oil.

If you already have a cooking oil filtration system hooked up to the fryers in your restaurant, RTI will simply install sensors so that you can monitor the frequency of your filtering to make sure it adheres to your Standard Operating Procedures. RTI strives to make sure our system works with any equipment you currently have in place. Our goal is to further enhance your productivity, food quality, and employee safety, all while saving you money.

Complete Oil Filtration Solution

By combining the RTI closed-loop Oil Management System and Filtration Monitoring with our Total Oil Managementâ„¢ software, you can make sure that your cooking oil is always at its best quality. You can set a schedule of success events, and be able to check on them remotely, so you are able to keep track of your restaurant even if you can't be there. You are in complete control.

Fryer Filtration Brochure