Customer Oil Management Portal (TOM™)

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The web-based customer portal gives managers an easy-to-use dashboard for visibility into each location's performance and compliance to their standard operating procedures (SOPs). This performance data, pulled from equipment, POS and other points in your operations is continually updated for daily analysis.


A regularly updated view of each location shows a daily or monthly performance to Oil Management standards. Easy to understand performance icons allow users to quickly determine locations and operational areas where opportunities exist for improvement.

The Restaurant Technologies Total Operations Management Dashboard

The Oil Activity subscription tracks daily usage and provides email notifications when a location exceeds its daily usage threshold. Managers can also view their current oil on hand, evaluate trends in usage, and view their delivery and disposal history.

A subscription to Filtration Monitoring calculates how successful each location is performing to your SOPs. The system tracks filtration success, identifies trends in performance, and helps managers quickly find patterns that require corrective action so that proper oil filtration procedures are followed.

The Restaurant Technologies Total Operations Management Filtration Monitoring Screen

Alerts – Information at Your Fingertips

Email notifications, or alerts, inform you of any activities that do not follow your SOPs, whether it's oil usage or filtration non-compliant events. To stay on top of any change in performance, alerts are delivered to manager email accounts on a daily basis.


Managers can customize their view of information by using a variety of data views and downloadable reports. Managers can review historical data, compare oil usage, or filtration activity over time. This can help improve staff training, correct employee behavior, forecast future oil usage, and identify areas to improve efficiencies.

Customer Oil Management Portal - TOM

Learn how you can use the TOM web-based oil management portal to maximize the storage, handling, and disposal of your frying oil.

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