"Prior to RTI, it was common to hear of accidents that involved hot grease, slick floors and even back complaints due to lifting heavy jugs of oil. Those issues were greatly reduced when we converted to the RTI system"
Jeff Lingel
Area Director

More than 3 million food service industry employees are injured in slip and fall accidents each year.

Safe Environment, Happy Employees

RTI's closed loop oil management system allows employees to safely and easily dispose of used oil and fill the fryer with new oil at the push of a button. By creating a safer way to manage a risky and frustrating task, employees feel more engaged and satisfied with their jobs. By eliminating one of the most dangerous foodservice tasks, employees are no longer at risk from oil-related injuries like slips, falls and burns.

An automated oil management solution improves physical security by eliminating the need for employees to travel back and forth to the area of the rendering tank to dispose of oil packaging and waste oil. Often, this practice adds unnecessary risk, and leaves the back entrance unsecured as employees haul oil containers and oil to the bins.

From an employer's perspective, fewer injuries and security risks translates into better peace of mind that employees are not hurt or victimized, fewer sick days, fewer workman's comp claims, a better overall work environment and improved retention of employees.