Managing your oil is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for any restaurant. It’s dangerous. It’s messy. It’s labor-intensive. Carrying hot oil across the kitchen can lead to burns, slips, falls and workers compensation costs.

That’s where our Total Oil Management solution comes in. We handle the entire process–from ordering to receipt and storage to handling and recycling of used oil. We even automate the process so it is easy, intuitive, and ready when you need it.

Without having to worry about your fryer oil you and your staff can get back to what matters: delivering the food and dining experience your customers crave.

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“The cooks would kill me if I took Restaurant Technologies out at this point. In fact, automated oil management has been so successful at Red Fish Grill that the parent company is installing it in a California restaurant.”
Haley Bitterman
Corporate Executive Chef, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group
“It was a very robust process that worked. Restaurant Technologies sent a service team member and installer to each restaurant to put systems in place and train managers and staff. They stayed as long as necessary and they trained both day and night shifts.”
Joe Sciortino
Procurement Manager, Wild Wing Café
“Our employees love Restaurant Technologies. They appreciate the safety of the system and the cleanliness that the system delivers. ”
Greg Winans
VP, Operations, US Restaurants
“It’s just a done deal. When I open a new Bar Louie, the Restaurant Technologies oil management system will always be part of the planning. It’s that simple.”
Tony De Salvo
Franchisee, Bar Louie
“Restaurant Technologies is a true partner in ensuring our shortening management program is not only adhered to, but enhanced.”
Tom Isaak
VP Operations, Burger King
“Compliance for filtration went from 43 percent to 95 percent and we have sustained a 21 percent reduction in oil usage for the past three years.”
Rick Borchers
DavCo Restaurant


Oil Management Simplified.

You know that filtering oil is a necessity. But how can you ensure true consistency across all your locations every day? The web-based customer portal gives managers an easy-to-use dashboard for visibility into each location's performance and compliance to their standard operating procedures (SOPs). This performance data, pulled from equipment, POS and other points in your operations is continually updated for daily analysis.

The Oil Activity subscription tracks daily usage and provides email notifications when a location exceeds its daily usage threshold. Managers can also view their current oil on hand, evaluate trends in usage, and view their delivery and disposal history.

A variety of data views and downloadable reports allow managers to review historical data, compare oil usage, or filtration activity over time. This can help improve staff training, correct employee behavior, forecast future oil usage, and identify areas to improve efficiencies.

With Restaurant Technologies you get more than a vendor. You get a partner who will ensure your kitchen thrives.


Automatic Scheduling

Deliveries and disposals are automatically scheduled based on your schedule. It's so seamless most employees and customers don't even notice it's happening.


24/7 Support

If you have an issue, we have local service technicians and customer service experts available to you 24/7. We know you don't have time for downtime.


Training & Education

We provide initial training upon installation and continuing education as you need it. Our oil management experts are an extension of your team.


Fast and Flexible Installs

It's more than good food. You have to do good, too. We'll help you lower your environmental footprint and make a positive impact your employees and customers will notice.


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Food Quality

You worked hard to make sure your recipes are perfect and taste great. We work hard to make sure the flavors you intended shine through.



Manual disposal results in waste and downtime for your staff. We ensure your kitchen runs at optimal efficiency.



Don't get burned by your oil management. Restaurant Technologies takes oil management out of your hands, keeping your employees safe and reducing your liability.



It's more than good food. You have to do good, too. We'll help lower your environmental footprint and make a positive impact your employees and customers will notice.

Take total control of your
oil management

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