"Going green is very important. Like RTI, being green falls within our four "screens" - environmental, sustainable, functional, and financial"
John De Carrier

Each year, RTI helps eliminate more than 6 million plastics jibs and 6 million cardboard containers from landfills, saving 4.8 million cubic feet of landfill space.

Sustainable Practices for a Healthy World

Part of competing in today's business world includes showing customers how you strive for sustainability – activities like using green restaurant technology, decreasing waste, reducing your environmental footprint and recycling. By eliminating cardboard and plastic packaging containers, providing effortless oil recycling, and reducing environmental contamination and residual oil waste- the RTI automated oil management program makes it easy to be environmentally friendly.

RTI prides itself on having exclusive oil disposal and oil recycling programs that create biodiesel and animal feedstock.

Many foodservice organizations find that this not only helps them meet internal sustainability goals, but can also be used for reputation-building as a "green" or sustainable business. We help restaurants implement green technology programs, best practices for sustainability and learn how to share their efforts with the communities they serve.

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