5 AI tools that are transforming the food service industry

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Ready to kick things up a notch? These five smart tools will optimize your restaurant’s speed and service without sacrificing the human touch.

Wanna chat?

A chatbox makes it easy and convenient for customers to place food orders and pay for them, all while using their favorite social media apps. Even better, you don’t have to worry about third-party markups, because the orders come directly to you. Tip: When you need to boost traffic, just send out an enticing deal and watch the orders come in.

Order up!

Here’s a kitchen assistant that frees up time, so you can get more done and whip through the lunch rush. This software uses information from sensors and cameras to keep an eye on the food. When food reaches that critical temperature of doneness, it sends an alert.

A smarter suggestive sell

Order kiosks offer a faster, more accurate order-taking system that also creates a personalized experience. It makes recommendations based on customer selections, along with other considerations, such as the time of year and weather conditions.

Here’s today’s customer forecast …

Haven’t you always wanted to get a special forecast that tells you how many customers to expect? Predictive analysis can help you make plans more accurately, including customer traffic, staffing levels, food orders and more. These tools also help with budget forecasting and spending. With fewer surprises ahead, planning is done in a snap.

Help in the back

Staying on top of inventory takes a lot of time, record keeping and let’s face it, can also occupy brain real estate. AI gives you real-time data on your inventory that’s also clear and accurate. No more dinnertime trips to the grocery store.

Machines can’t replace stellar service and delicious food, but they can free up time and energy so you and your talented crew can create an even better dining experience.