5 Ways Working in a Restaurant Sets You Up for Success at RT

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When you’re in the food and bev industry, you may not be aware that it’s preparing you for lots of potential jobs in the future. At Restaurant Technologies, we love people with customer service, food prep and commercial kitchen experience. To explain, we interviewed Dan Heggestuen, Distribution Routing Manager. He gives us an idea of the five reasons working in a restaurant qualifies you to work with us at Restaurant Technologies:

  1. Multitasking

There are virtually no entry-level jobs that teach you multitasking quite like working in a restaurant. For servers, you’re juggling multiple tables’ orders, anticipating needs, while managing checks, tips and the kitchen’s needs. In the kitchen, you’re juggling multiple orders, prep work and managing inventory.

  1. Working with diversity

If you’re front of the house, restaurants teach you quickly how to work with people with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. You are responsible for learning from them and teaching those people newer than you--a first step to leadership. Additionally, you learn how to work with customers with different levels of expectations.

  1. Stress management

If there’s one thing a restaurant can teach you, it’s how to manage stress. If you can learn to manage your stress during a double shift when there’s a line out the door and the kitchen has run out of best-selling items, you can do it anywhere. Additionally, smart team members will regroup when things are slower to prepare for the future busy times.

  1. Hard work = reward

For the most part, being good at your job will immediately benefit you monetarily (tips) in restaurants, and therefore, it’s a great place to grow better and better every day.

  1. Team work

You don’t have to be part of a team to succeed in restaurant work, but building a team-oriented atmosphere can make a difference. By helping others out, you find that they’re more likely to help you.


What other lessons have restaurants taught you that prepared you for another career? If you’re looking for open positions, we’re always hiring at Restaurant Technologies in tons of locations around the country.