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May 18, 2018


This article originally appeared in Modern Restaurant Management, May 2018.  Click here to view.


Top Five Foodservice Trends

new report from Restaurant Technologies, which provides cooking oil management and exhaust cleaning solutions for more than 26,000 foodservice providers, shares the top five foodservice trends for 2018 that operators should have an eye on to not only survive, but thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

The report covers:

  1. Technological innovations: Appliances such as smart refrigerators can detail inventory, and smart ovens can now guide staff through step-by-step dish preparation. Continued cleaning support for grill and fryer hoods/flues can also be automated and simplified with AutoMist.
  2. Safer work environments: According to the National Safety Council, more than 25,000 slips and falls occur every day in the foodservice industry, many of them preventable. This report shares simple tips for training and prevention guidelines to help protect the operator’s bottom line from costly claims, and to care for employees and their morale.
  3. Effective food waste management: As Americans push for more eco-friendly options in their everyday choices, restaurant operators would do well to reduce waste and cut overspending, says this report. According to ReFED, restaurants generate 11.4M tons of food waste, amounting to approximately $25B in wasted funds – a shocking number given how slim restaurant margins are. Digital solutions such as the app Karma allow restaurants, grocery stores and other foodservice vendors the opportunity to sell excess food at a reduced price.
  4. Solving space concerns: The back of house is shrinking. Restaurant Technologies shares tips to capitalize on smaller spaces such as using a combi oven, prep coolers, planetary mixers and vertical solutions.
  5. An emphasis on experience: With the restaurant industry becoming more and more competitive, operators are looking to experiential opportunities to bring in business. Some restaurants now have extravagant themes, while foodservice concepts within higher education and corporate settings are upping the ante hiring executive chefs, and offering more than the typical soup, salad and sandwich menu.


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