Automated solutions


Automated hood and stack cleaning system that prevents the hazardous build up of grease, eliminating the need to have third party service providers clean the exhaust system on a quarterly basis.

Owner Operators across the country are experiencing the many benefits of AutoMist - the only automated hood and stack cleaning system and service for McDonald's. With the shortage of crew labor and the hyper focus on health and safety, AutoMist gives you peace of mind by keeping hoods and flues constantly clean so you don’t have to waste precious labor hours or put crew at risk staying overnight with the hood cleaners.

Program Benefits

  • Entire exhaust system is clean every day, not just once every 3 months, reducing the risk a fire will spread
  • Eliminates the need and cost for 3rd party hood cleaners
  • No need to close the restaurant for cleanings or inspections
  • No up-front capital investment to purchase equipment or installation
  • Potential for future reduction in casualty insurance premiums