• Safety

    Safety is not only key to the bottom line, it creates an environment that nurtures employee productivity and satisfaction. Improve your kitchen's safety and your employees' satisfaction with a flip of the switch.

  • Sustainability

    We help restaurants implement green technology programs and best practices for sustainability, and learn how to share their efforts with the communities they serve. Improving your restaurant's environmental footprint and increase your commitment to community sustainability with Restaurant Technologies

  • Food Quality

    You will see immediate improvements in food quality. Food tastes fresher, has the ideal texture, is more evenly fried in clean oil and has a better visual appeal. Food waste is decreased as food consistency improves. Customers notice – and they become more loyal – leading to higher sales and increased profitability.

  • Efficiency

    Restaurant Technologies' customers frequently experience a reduction in oil usage of approximately 15% while decreasing oil spend by up to 20% while increasing oil and food quality. With our data management tools, these results are sustainable.

  • Cleanliness

    With Total Oil Management we eliminate the possibility of spills and oil trails to and from the rendering tank or the trash and decreases the time employees spend cleaning in the kitchen area and outside of the restaurant where oil is disposed.

  • Accessibility (ADA Compliant)

    Restaurant Technologies' Total Oil Management program increases your restaurant's and kitchen's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. By removing the physical barriers related to fryer oil management, you are making it accessible to employees with physical or mental disabilities that otherwise would not be able to safely operate the fryer.