"The ease of the RTI system means our shortening is cleaner, resulting in a better tasting product that our customers can rely on."

Ken Donahue
Franchise Owner
Burger King

Improve the consistency of your fried foods with a flip of a switch by implementing our Total Oil Management System

Better flavor all the time

A restaurant's best asset is consistently good food. When you have it, people rave about it. And in today's world of social sharing, you want all your customers sharing their exceptional food experience – not a disappointing one. With a schedule of fresh fryer oil, oil removal, and regular oil filtration, RTI helps foodservice organizations maintain high levels of food quality and consistency.

Our expertise in oil management allows us to analyze your current processes and help managers and employees establish, and better adhere to, standard operating procedures that maximize the quality and consistency of food. As oil management experts, we understand your business and how oil management can improve business operations. As part of our services, we work with your team (at no additional cost) to help you create, train, and maintain standard operating procedures.

Because this is our expertise, we promise that you'll see immediate improvements in food quality. Food tastes fresher, has the ideal texture, is more evenly fried in clean oil and has a better visual appeal. Food waste is decreased as food consistency improves. Customers notice – and they become more loyal – leading to higher sales and increased profitability.

  • Analyzing your current processes and helping managers and employees establish, and better adhere to, standard operating procedures
  • Providing (at no additional cost) help in creating, training and maintaining those procedures
  • Delivering and removing fryer oil with no disruption to service
  • Decreasing food waste as consistency and profitability improves