Bringing Back-of-House Forward


Three megatrends behind the rise of safer, smarter kitchens

Admit it. When it comes to managing your food service operation, back-of-house is typically back of mind. More times than not, it’s
front-of-house that gets the biggest share of your attention. However, many in the business are beginning to realize it’s time to bring forward a smarter back-of-house strategy.

An unprecedented mix of trends has come together to create the perfect recipe for the transformation of the food service industry. Changing demographics, rising consumer and labor expectations, and innovations in kitchen design and technology are driving a reinvention of food service in every sector. From restaurants to hospitals and grocers, kitchens are rethinking how they operate, as
they incorporate new standards of food quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Is it time for you to re-examine your back-of-house strategy? We’ll examine three megatrends that are impacting the food service
industry today and what it means for your back-of-house operation. Learn what you can do now to meet the demands of the new food
service landscape by running a safer, smarter back-of-house.