Columbia, MO's Downtown Community Improvement District program ups the ante


September 25, 2017

Downtown Columbia, Missouri is replacing unsightly grease storage bins in downtown alleys with more environmentally-friendly systems. Columbia’s Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) program is encouraging restaurants to invest in on-site grease storage systems, which would reduce potential spills in downtown’s alleys and no longer require restaurant employees to walk hot containers of grease outside for disposal. The CID is upping the ante and now will cover 100 percent of the cost of an internal tank system, for up to $10,000.  Click here to read the entire article on Columbia Tribune.

With Restaurant Technologies’ total oil management solution, downtown Columbia restaurants can take advantage of the CID program and have a safer, cleaner and greener system that manages their grease storage and recycling eliminating accidental spills into city storm water sewer systems. Click here to get started and take advantage of the CID incentive program.

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