Consistency, Compliance, Quality, and Safety - White Castle Case Study


May 31, 2016

Crowned by TIME Magazine in 2014 as the Most Influential Burger of All Time, White Castle’s signature slider was introduced in the 1920s and cost a nickel. The Midwest chain has grown substantially since its first white castle-shaped restaurant opened its doors in Wichita, Kan., and it has amassed a fast-food kingdom comprising nearly 400 locations nationwide. As a family owned business, White Castle’s commitment to quality has been nurtured over 95 years of satisfying customers.

The results:

Savings: Monthly oil usage reduced by 8%, saving nearly $340,000 annually
Sustainability: In one year, avoided 272,287 pounds of plastic and cardboard packaging waste
Cleanliness: No unsightly mess from oil-collection bins behind the restaurants or from oil spills in the kitchen
Safety: Reduced occurrence of employee back strains and burns
Efficiency: Monitoring systems ensure oil management processes are being followed correctly, leaving general managers free to focus on other aspects of the business
Food Quality: Produced consistent fried-food product for each customer, each visit, driving same-store sales


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