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A Clean, Streamlined Operation

When they were ready to open their second location, the Roses wasted no time with another “somewhat sophisticated” oil management system, and instead installed the Restaurant Technologies system. As a result, Buffalo Wings and Rings cooks no longer have to have to haul jugs of oil to and from the fryer all the time and the restaurant has enjoyed the opportunity to get rid of the rendering tanks and clean up the back corral area.

“ If you can get an extra day out of the oil, the savings can be massive...”

Rose said, “We’ve had other Buffalo Wings and Rings owners come see the system and what they comment on the most is how clean it is and how clean the install is. Just the look of the bulk oil tank and the waste oil tank makes it look clean and not out of place. Even in the kitchen where you make all the connections with hoses and power cords and things, it’s just a clean, streamlined look. And it’s also easy to clean because oil is not spilling all over the place. It just goes straight from the hose into the fryer.”

“ It’s just a clean, streamlined
look. And it’s also easy to clean.”

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Consistency Starts in the Kitchen for KBP Foods

Consistently ranked among the 10 fastest-growing restaurant companies in the United States, KBP Foods now operates more than 360 KFC, Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s restaurants in 14 states. In 2016, it added 93 locations, making it the biggest...

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Denny’s Franchisees Don’t Fear the Fryer

While deep fryers are a wonderful invention, managing the oil – from its purchase and receipt to storage, filtration and disposal – can be a recurring nightmare for foodservice management and employees.

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Learn How Total Oil Management Cleans Up Kitchens and Boosts Bottom Lines for Church's Chicken

Church’s Chicken is the fourth-largest restaurant chain in the world, boasting over 1,700 restaurants in 25 countries. The fast food chain specializes in a variety of fried foods making cooking oil an essential part of each restaurant’s process. Khaled Habash...

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Total Oil Management Makes a Whopper of a Difference for Rackson, a Burger King® Franchisee

When Rackson began acquiring Burger King locations in 2013, the company brought increased efficiency to the management and operations within each of the franchises. At the center of this approach was the belief that...

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Zak Family Foods - Big Wins in Culture, Complexity, and Cleanliness

Since 2008, the Taco Bell and KFC “micro brand” known as ZAK Family Foods has realized exceptional growth. This impressive growth has seen the company go from $1.3 million to over $30 million in annual sales while multiplying nearly 15 times in size, going from two...

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Bar Louie Case Study

How Bar Louie reduced workers comp claims due to slips and falls by 50%

“We just had a workman’s compensation review and it’s surprising how much difference an automated system can make,” said De Salvo. “We want employees to feel safe at work, and this is an easy way …

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Rutter's Farm Stores: Less work at the fryer, more face time with the convenience store guests.

As with many convenience stores, Rutter’s Farm Stores have been placing a significant focus on quick dining options for people on the go. As their kitchens grow and continue to cook up more tasty options, Rutter’s employees achieve...

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Crew Ensures First-Class Safety on the Queen Mary Hotel

The Queen Mary is a one-of-a-kind ship known for its history, luxury and world-class restaurants. Docked in Long Beach, Calif., the ship is a popular destination and event venue with unique stateroom accommodations. Running the operation should be smooth sailing; but not long ago, if guests had looked beyond ...

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Sustainability, Safety and Food Quality Are Tops at The Curtis Hotel

In an active state like Colorado, the environment is always top of mind; and for businesses like The Curtis, sustainability is definitely a priority. The Double Tree by Hilton boutique hotel located in downtown Denver recently paired a total oil management solution from Restaurant Technologies with its in-house...

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Applebee's Makes Fried Foods Tastier, Employees Safer

Restaurant oil management isn’t something the average consumer thinks about every day, but oil is a critical component in every foodservice business, so it’s top of mind for most restaurant managers. When Apple American Group LLC, the largest Applebee’s franchisee with approximately 337 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurants, was looking to improve its oil...

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Learn how Krispy Krunchy Chicken's hot growth is fueled by total oil management

“As convenience-store operators look for new profit centers, they are discovering that prepared food is where it’s at,” says Dan Shapiro, executive vice president at Krispy Krunchy. …

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See how Shake Shack uses consistency to deliver performance

“Working in the restaurant industry, where we are managing high volumes of food with many moving parts and pieces, it is a relief to me to have at least one thing that manages itself,” Janofsky said.“The Restaurant Technologies oil…

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JW Marriott Property Celebrates Big Improvements in Property Operations & Cost Savings

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, an award-winning hospitality brand and hotel, wanted to improve their kitchen operations relative to how they manage fryer oil. The JW Marriott Steward team used pots to drain fryer oil at night and then let it cool until morning, at which point, they shuttled the oil down long hallways...

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Automated Cooking Oil Management Improves Property Operations & Safety at Empire Casino

Empire Casino in Yonkers, NY, has everything you could want in a gaming environment. With nine bars, four restaurants, a food court and an employee cafeteria, the need for efficiency across their kitchen operations is critical. But one aspect of their kitchen operations was far from efficient and Empire Casino knew they needed to make...

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