Restaurant Technologies Inc. Announces New Partnership with Denny’s Restaurant Group RREMC Restaurants LLC

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MINNEAPOLIS – July 8, 2015 – Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI) is pleased to announce an exciting new Denny’s partnership with RREMC Restaurants LLC. The reputable restaurant group was founded in 2002 and operates across the South, Midwest and Northeast.

Cuisine featuring deep-fried foods is a staple of RREMC’s 40 Denny’s restaurants and accounts for almost 30 percent of menu items. While deep fryers are practically a necessity in any restaurant kitchen, managing cooking oil – from its purchase and receipt to storage, filtration and disposal – is a recurring hassle for management and employees. Restaurateurs who depend on hourly employees to carry out this key operational component are likely to face employee injuries, poor filtration practices and inconsistent food quality.

RREMC decided to remove the inconvenience and uncertainty of manual oil handling by partnering with RTI. By installing automated oil management solutions in all of its restaurants, RREMC is eliminating one of the most dangerous, unproductive, despised and messy jobs in the kitchen by automating the distribution, handling and disposal of used hot fryer oil with the push of a button. Just as important, the partnership helps ensure RREMC’s Denny’s restaurants serves its customers quality product every time.

“… It’s a win for both us and our customers because it’s safer for our employees and produces a better-tasting, better-quality product,” said John Metz, president of RREMC Restaurants LLC.

The RTI system comes with all the hardware, software, installation, training and support services to easily automate oil management. It enables employees to fill, dispose of and filter with the push of a button.

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Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI) is the leader in smart, safe, sustainable oil and operations management technology for the food service industry. The company’s fully automated oil storage, handling and disposal management system helps increase worker safety, improve restaurant cleanliness and minimize frying-oil inconveniences. RTI data-management solutions provide restaurant decision-makers with increased visibility into oil usage for better food quality and consistency. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minn., RTI serves more than 22,000 customers via 41 oil depots throughout the United States.