What to Expect: Week One at Restaurant Technologies

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All new employees joining Restaurant Technologies have the opportunity to participate in the award-winning PrimeStart process, which is a weekly onboarding and initial job training program that lasts anywhere between three and 12 weeks, depending on the role. Each role has a customized onboarding plan that walks them through every day of their first several weeks with the company. The process was designed to increase engagement for new hires, reduce employee turnover and create a more disciplined process for leaders to follow.

Michelle Mason, Director of Learning and Development, and Erin Hartman,  Training Manager, work with hiring managers to personally develop a unique PrimeStart for each new employee. Erin says new employees find tons of value in the program: “New employees appreciate that they have a roadmap, they know where they’re going to go during their first few weeks. Adult learners appreciate knowing what the path forward is going to look like.”

Michelle says, “The idea of a primestart has been around forever. We took that idea and built an experience around it, giving our new employees a strong start, and providing a consistent process for managers.”

During week one, RT’s new employees can expect that their technology is up and running during the first week (usually on day one); they will meet their team and have lunch with some colleagues--a great way to meet new friends.

Office employees will have a desk ready, stocked with the supplies they’ll need including a laptop, phone, pens, planners, a stapler. Have you ever started a new job and needed to staple something right away? You wander through the halls, maybe find a supply room, hope no one minds that you’re opening every drawer and cupboard door. During week one for office employees, we’ll show you where the supply room is… and the restroom… and the fitness center.

For some companies, the goal after Day One is that you come back for Day Two. Our goal is that we’ll see you in Year Two and beyond.