Our Favorite Moments from RFMA 2019


February 25, 2019

RFMA Show 2019The 2019 RFMA show is finished and we can’t thank the city of Austin enough for its hospitality in hosting the conference this year. As always RFMA was a great place to network, check in with old friends and make new connections.

There’s plenty to talk about from RFMA this year, but these are the things we found to be particularly interesting.

Who and where

RFMA makes it easy for facilities directors to find the best practices and vendors in their areas by providing focused roundtables for specific regions. For directors it’s a great opportunity to combine the when, where and how in a way that makes the most sense for your business and your market.

The demonstration station

One of the hardest parts of attending a busy conference is standing out from the crowd. RFMA makes it easy, however, with their demonstration station, allowing you the chance to showcase your products to would-be business partners. It’s a great, simple way to cue everyone in on what’s cool and new and we love that RFMA makes it so easy to do so.

Females in facilities

There are so many amazing women doing wonderful work in our industry and the Females in Facilities event was a great place to network with them. The trip was a total blast, with a cruise down the river. We enjoyed the sights of downtown Austin almost as much as we enjoyed the company inside.

The express exchange

Think of it as speed dating at a professional conference. The Express Exchange was a great way to network with existing customers and meet new clients all at a hectic pace. Sure, the initial encounters were brief but we’re confident some of the connections we made here will last a lifetime.

That’s it for RFMA 2019. Thanks again, Austin, and we hope to see all of you next year in Denver.

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