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Restaurant Technologies is proud to provide cooking oil delivery — and much more — to esteemed colleges and universities across the country including Rutgers, UCLA, Texas State University, the University of Cincinnati, and The Ohio State University. We understand the challenges faced by food service operators in the higher education sector, and pride ourselves on crafting kitchen solutions that improve not just efficiency, but safety and sustainability too.

Cooking Oil Delivery is Just the Beginning

Total Oil Management is Restaurant Technologies’ fully integrated cooking oil management system that’s used in thousands of restaurant and higher-ed kitchens across the country. It’s designed to simplify everything in the oil management process from beginning to end — from cooking oil delivery to used oil pickup.

When you become a Total Oil Management customer, our technicians come to your campus and install two storage tanks — one for fresh oil, one for used grease. The tanks connect to your deep fryer and facilitate the seamless flow of oil. Essentially, it’s cooking oil on demand. 

When it’s time to change the oil, it’s as easy as pushing a few buttons — the used grease automatically drains and your fryer refills with fresh oil. Tedious oil management tasks that used to require your workers to handle hazardous hot oil now take mere minutes — with little to no oil handling.

What if your college or university has multiple kitchens or deep fryers located on opposite ends of campus? Our portable oil management solutions offer the flexibility you need. They’re simple and safe to use — and with the included connector hose, your workers won’t handle any hot oil whatsoever when they fill or empty it. 

Save on Your Insurance Premiums.

Get end-to-end cooking oil management & clean hood solutions to help you create a safer, more successful business.

We Make Your Kitchen Safer

Whenever you use hot oil in a kitchen, it increases the risk of accidents. Obviously, hot oil will burn skin, but it’s also a significant cause of slip and fall accidents. If oil accidentally spills or splatters on the floor, it can create a hidden hazard somebody isn’t expecting later.

Restaurant Technologies also recommends AutoMist for improving safety conditions in commercial kitchens. That’s because grease-laden exhaust hoods are one of the single biggest causes of commercial kitchen fires — some estimates say that it’s responsible for around 20% of them. Even if you stay on your mandated hood cleaning schedule and pass inspections, it’s still possible for a dangerous amount of grease to accumulate in a short amount of time between cleanings. 

AutoMist solves that problem by automating the hood cleaning process. All you have to do is choose a certain time for it to run every day or night, and at that time, AutoMist will begin the cleaning process. It’s a multi-part cleaning system that sprays a mix of water and grease-fighting detergent throughout your flue and exhaust system, clearing out all the tough-to-reach areas. That way, every day when your team shows up for work, they’re starting with a perfectly clean exhaust system.

Our Closed Loop System Improves Sustainability

Sustainability is also key for communication with the student body, faculty, prospective students and parents. Restaurant Technologies’ oil management systems can have a dramatic impact on your waste reduction goals. 

We recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel and animal feed. We’re also testing ways to make cooking oil delivery to college and university campuses more eco-friendly, including adding biodiesel and electric vehicles to our fleet.

“Before, they always had to cart the hot oil in open containers down some pretty scary paths. But now, they never have to touch the oil. They feel their safety and well-being are even more valued than before.”

Louis Catignani

Food Service Director – Cumberland University

“Without that extra step, it’s a reduced carbon footprint.”

Sue Breer

Dining Director – University of North Alabama

“Our employees love not being exposed to hot oil during the filling, cleaning and disposal process. Our stores are simply cleaner. We’ve seen a reduction in the risk of injury because fewer oil and grease spills happen, and staff no longer carry heavy containers of hot oil through the store.”

Dave Meloni

Corporate Operations Manager – Enmark Stations

Texas State University

Liberty University
Rutgers University
University of California Las Angeles

Food Service Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Restaurant Technologies delivers innovations for cooking oil management, automated cleaning, and much more. We provide solutions for all types of kitchens ranging from restaurants to higher education institutions.

Total Oil Management

With Total Oil Management, we handle the entire oil process for you — from ordering and delivering fresh cooking oil to campus to picking up and recycling your used oil. Our advanced kitchen technology automates everything so your workers never have to worry about transporting hot oil ever again.


Grease buildup can happen fast, and all it takes is a little flame to spark a catastrophic kitchen fire. That’s why Restaurant Technologies invented the AutoMist system. It automatically cleans your hood, flue and fan every single day with a powerful spray mixture of detergent and water.

More Than a Vendor

For more than twenty years, Restaurant Technologies has been an industry leader in kitchen innovations and trusted partner to over 37,000+ national quick-service and full-service restaurant chains, independent restaurants, grocery delis, hotels, casinos, convenience stores, colleges, universities, and hospitals.

Restaurant Technologies helps food service operators make their kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable, through its automated solutions like Total Oil Management and AutoMist. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Restaurant Technologies is a privately held company that currently operates 40 depots and has more than 1,000 employees serving customers across the United States.

Fast and Flexible Installs and Deliveries

Our team will coordinate with any necessary university officials, and send out qualified service technicians to conduct an initial survey. Installing the system only takes a few hours and can be completed at any time that’s most convenient for your kitchen. There’s no upfront cost for the installation — it’s all included in the service agreement.

24/7 Support

We know you don’t have time to wait for administration approvals for spending requests. All repairs and services are included in the regular program fee — so you don’t have any surprise charges. If you have an issue, we stand behind our equipment and have local service technicians and customer service experts available 24/7.

Training and Education

We provide initial training upon installation and continuing education as needed. Consider our oil management experts an extension of your own team.

Automatic Scheduling

Deliveries and disposals are automatically scheduled based on your availability. It’s so seamless, most of the time nobody even notices our trucks are there.

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