Improve environmental sustainability in your business


August 9, 2018

Sustainability is a big topic in the food service industry today. It’s good for your brand, good for your customers and good for the environment, so it’s not surprising that the movement has gained such a strong foothold.

At Restaurant Technologies, for example, our sustainability efforts helped us recycle 121,661 tons of waste oil in 2017, reducing landfill usage by 10.3 million cubic feet. We also reduced the total trash output of our customers by 9,877 tons and saved 12.9 million oil jugs from being used and ultimately disposed of.

That’s a lot of savings, and while we’re proud of our efforts, we know you’re focused on what your business can do to improve its own sustainability for the rest of 2018 and beyond. It’s a big task, and to get started, here are a couple of initiatives you can put in place today.

  • A menu to match the environment. If you want to improve your business’s sustainability, don’t be afraid to change up the menu. Adjusting offerings to match what is in season and working with local vendors to reduce waste through smaller shipments will help your conservation efforts.
  • Use recycled materials wherever you can. Whether it’s the floors for your new dining room or the napkins that adorn your tables, recycled material options are growing every day. Research your options and adopt a strategy that looks for a recycled solution before buying new.
  • Expand your waste solutions. We’ve found an environmentally friendly way to take care of waste oil, and other vendors can help you dispose of would-be trash items in your restaurant as well. For example, instead of throwing out old food, utilize compost alternatives instead. You can also place an increased focus on properly recycling glass and plastic along with your cardboard. All of these efforts will benefit your business as well as the environment.

To learn more about how Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management system can improve your company’s sustainability, contact us today.

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