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Restaurant Technologies specializes in helping the hospitality and casino industry create operational efficiencies in their kitchens while simultaneously improving their food quality, creating a safer and cleaner environment for their employees, and contributing to environmental sustainability efforts. All made possible through our turnkey, back-of-the-house kitchen solutions.

With the challenges of operating a full three daypart kitchen operation with fast changeover from breakfast to lunch to dinner, while supporting room service and banqueting, executive chefs in hospitality particularly appreciate the time savings from more efficient oil management. What's more, the impact on consistent food quality means that nothing is sacrificed as you switch from one daypart to another.

At the same time, hospitality kitchens tend to be farther than most from the back dock and have the most hazardous routes to get there. The safety benefits to our hotel and casino customers from being able to flip a switch to change oil have been dramatic.

Finally, as sustainability becomes more important to both corporate conference organizers and the resort hotel traveler alike, the reduction in waste sent to landfills and the recycling of oil to biodiesel has helped many of our customers support LEED applications and boost their brand credentials for these demanding guests.

From JW Marriott to Renaissance hotels, Gaylords, Hyatts, Westins or large complex casinos such as Harrah’s or Penn Gaming, some of the Hotel and Casino industry’s finest names entrust Restaurant Technologies to give them safer, smarter kitchens.

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Image overview of how Restaurant Technologies Oil Management is implemented in Grocery Stores

The Renaissance Hotel Case Study

Renaissance Hotel changes the way they look at oil

Watch an exclusive video from Executive Chef, David Creamer explaining how The Renaissance Hotel saved money, improved the efficiency of their operations, and improved the consistency of their food using Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management System. Chef compares Sysco Cooking Oil costs he experienced against Restaurant Technologies, explaining how...

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Crew Ensures First-Class Safety on the Queen Mary Hotel

The Queen Mary is a one-of-a-kind ship known for its history, luxury and world-class restaurants. Docked in Long Beach, Calif., the ship is a popular destination and event venue with unique stateroom accommodations. Running the operation should be smooth sailing; but not long ago, if guests had looked beyond the art deco grandeur, they would...

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Curtis Hotel

Sustainability, Safety and Food Quality Are Tops at The Curtis Hotel

In an active state like Colorado, the environment is always top of mind; and for businesses like The Curtis, sustainability is definitely a priority. The DoubleTree by Hilton boutique hotel located in downtown Denver recently paired a total oil management solution from Restaurant Technologies with its in-house restaurant and banquet operation. This system improved not...

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It’s just a done deal,” he said. “When I open a new Bar Louie, the Restaurant Technologies oil management system will always be part of the planning. It’s that simple.
Tony De Salvo
Franchisee, Bar Louie
The cooks would kill me if I took Restaurant Technologies out at this point. In fact, automated oil management has been so successful at Red Fish Grill that the parent company is installing it in a California restaurant.
Haley Bitterman
Corporate Executive Chef, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

Chef / Bar Louie
The ease of the Restaurant Technologies system means our shortening is cleaner, resulting in a better tasting product that our customers can rely on.
Ken Donahue
Burger King franchise owner
Employees love not being exposed to hot oil during the filling, cleaning and disposal process.
Eric Oppenheim
Chief Operating Officer, Republic Foods
Safety and efficiency are the greatest values that have been added to my restaurant, and the Restaurant Technologies staff has been extremely professional and their service is amazing. I’m definitely a happy customer.
Harsh Ghai
Franchisee, Burger King

Restaurant Technologies White paper for Mega Trends

Bringing back-of-house forward — Three megatrends behind the rise of safer, smarter kitchens

Three megatrends behind the rise of safer, smarter kitchens. Admit it. When it comes to managing your food service operation, back-of-house is typically back of mind. More times than not, it’s front-of-house that gets the biggest share of your attention. However, many in the business are beginning to realize it’s time to bring forward a...

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The Oil Management Value Chain: Return on Investment at Each Step of the Process

For as long as anyone can remember, fried foods have been high on the list of desirable menu items for fast casual foodservice organizations. Consumers debate over the best French fries and which fish sandwich is crispiest. Restaurants have come a long way in making fried foods a healthier choice for consumers, including switching to...

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Oil Management: Converting a Cost Center to a Strategic, High-Impact Asset

This whitepaper details the reasons that oil management ranks above oil selection in enabling food service operators to meet their frying program goals - to select an oil that delivers the optimal combination of durability, flavor, nutrition and cost effectiveness. This document also prescribes that managing fryer oil ...

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Total Cooking Oil Management and Solutions for Non-Commercial Food Services
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Total Cooking Oil Management and Solutions for Non-Commercial Food Services
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Restaurant Technologies,
United States
When it comes to Total Oil Management Restaurant Technologies understands the unique challenges of Non-Commercial Food Service operators. Whether you are a contract provider or an in-house department, whether in business and industry (B&I), healthcare, recreation, government, military or corrections, we can support the operations needed to feed large numbers of customers in very compressed dayparts.