Big Wins in Culture, Complexity, and Cleanliness

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“We knew we had to improve the culture of our restaurants.”

“That’s been a really cool thing: the amount of trash we’ve been reducing at our stores.”

“We could see our wins right away.”

Creating Optimal Company Culture

Implementing Restaurant Technologies’ closed-loop oil management system proved to be a big win culture-wise for ZAK Family Foods. “We sell home style meals to our customers every single day and we have a lot of pride in that,” Zakaras said. “But the reality is that it creates a harder system to work within and that might not be something that appeals to everyone. We wanted to create more of an ideal work environment for the newer generations of employees we are potentially hiring.”

Part of that challenging work environment is due to the franchises’ primary locations in the upper Midwest. “We have hot, hot summers and cold, cold winters,” Zakaras said, “And it’s not fun to be outside all the time in really severe climates like this. So reducing the amount of time employees are outside lugging around huge amounts of oil by using the system’s automatic fill option was a huge win. Our teams are really celebrating this win. It’s one of those things you put in place and within a week teams are responding by saying, ‘How could we have ever lived without this solution?’”