Minimize Risk for Restaurant Hood Fires

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Restaurant hood fires are unfortunately very prevalent in the industry. In recent months, reputable establishments like Church’s Chicken, Burger King and Qdoba have sustained hood fires. The risks are clear. Not only is there for a fire potential to harm or injure your employees and customers, but some of the consequences of hood fires include: smoke, fire and water damage, as well as closures and associated loss of revenue. Burns and scalds account for 13% of worker’s compensation claims. The last thing any owner wants to hear is that anyone was hurt, that there is damage to their establishment and kitchen, or that there has to be a mandatory shut down. But they are preventable.

Why do hood fires occur?

Most hood fires start in the fryer vat because of excessive grease build-up. Though most are equipped with an automatic extinguisher system, it can often not work when there is excessive grease build-up like this fire at Church’s Chicken.


Third-party cleaners are often the first idea for restaurant owners, but sometimes they still miss critical parts of the equipment—mostly deeper in the ductwork. For example, in Richmond, there was a string of fires in restaurants due to grease build-up that began in here.



How can you minimize your restaurant’s risk?

Proper cleaning is essential for minimizing the risk of restaurant hood fires. Traditional cleaning crews come quarterly or on a semi-annual basis. It usually requires shutting down the restaurant while they scrape away and clean grease with strong chemicals.


The Restaurant Technologies AutoMist cleans your hood, flue and fan every day with a powerful spray mixture of detergent and water to prevent hazardous grease buildup. Wouldn't it be nice to check hood and flue cleaning off your list—forever? The AutoMist makes it a worry-free experience and does not allow build-up to happen and therefore necessitate a cleaning crew.


To learn more about this innovative equipment that will keep your kitchen safer, contact Restaurant Technologies for more information about AutoMist.