How to put effective holiday management of your restaurant on the nice list


December 18, 2018

Restaurant culteryThe holidays are a chaotic time — and that’s putting it lightly. There’s so much to do at this time of year in your personal life and at your restaurant. No, there’s no smooth sailing into the end of the year in our industry. Maintaining an effective operation during the holiday season takes a little extra planning and these tips can show you how to make the most of the next couple of weeks.

  • Stock up on presents. Sales data from previous years can be invaluable when determining how much inventory you’ll need for this period. Let it be your guide, especially for seasonal items that may not sell well — or even be on your menu — the rest of the year. If those items sell well in December, order accordingly. Restock your inventory as you need to and you’ll have a gift for everyone.
  • Solve your staffing nice list. Sometimes your staffing needs can be solved as simply as looking at past sales data and restaffing accordingly. And if your restaurant tends to be slower during the holidays, your staffing may not be a problem at all. Statistically this is true for 61 percent of all restaurants. But what if you’re busier during the holidays? Maybe your business is located in an airport loaded with hungry travelers or you’re situated near a last-minute shopping or New Year’s Eve hot spot. In these cases you may need more help than your staff can provide — particularly because they’ll be requesting time off around the holidays as well. Remember that students of all ages — some of whom may have worked for you in the past — will be off for the holidays and adding a few of them to round out your seasonal staff can be huge.
  • Train smart. Now let's look at the second component of hiring that staff — training them. Your window to train these employees will be understandably short, so adjust your training schedule accordingly. Past employees are naturally a boon here and employees can be brought up to speed on hosting, busing or dishwashing quite quickly. Look for temps with past serving experience, and if you must hire for the floor and in your kitchen, prep cooks will probably be easier to train quickly than line cooks.
  • Automation. If staffing issues figure to be a concern, automating certain tasks can free your staff up to tackle other objectives and improve the customer experience all while lessening your need for seasonal staff. This can be especially true in your kitchen where staff training figures to be the most intensive. Automated solutions like Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management or AutoMist eliminate the need for employees to manually clean your business’s oil or its hood system, saving employees, and you, time.

To learn more about Total Oil Management, AutoMist and the other ways Restaurant Technologies can help your business during the holidays and beyond, contact us today.

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