Raising quality while cutting costs - Bar Louie case study


April 21, 2016

“Bar Louie is known for high quality food – that’s something we just won’t sacrifice,” said Tony De Salvo. Franchisee owner of Bar Louie concepts.

Bar Louie calls itself an “eclectic urban bar.” With more than 70 locations, it’s broken the mold of traditional chains by creating a variety of local environments with unique furnishings and regional menu items. But one thing is consistent across all locations – a focus on quality food. For any organization committed to serving consistently great food, fryer oil is worth its weight in gold. Oil quality impacts food taste, texture and appearance. And it can mean the difference between a loyal patron and a “never again” customer experience.

For De Salvo, consistently creating high quality food has always been the top priority. But the oil management system has delivered benefits beyond food quality assurance that contribute straight to the bottom line. As an additional and equally important benefit, the system created a safer workplace for employees. Since the Restaurant Technologies’ system installation, De Salvo has seen a 50 percent decrease in worker’s compensation claims due to slips and falls in the kitchen – a common problem caused by greasy oil spills.

“We just had a workman’s compensation review and it’s surprising how much difference an automated system can make,” “We want employees to feel safe at work, and this is an easy way we can make it safer.” said De Salvo.

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