RT Acquires Grease Lock™ Disposable Filter Pads

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Restaurant Technologies, the country’s leading provider of cooking oil management and grease management solutions, announced the acquisition of a new product:  Grease LockTM disposable grease filter pads that simplify hood maintenance and help increase fire safety in commercial kitchens.

“Grease LockTM filter pads are effective at trapping grease and are easy to use, which makes them attractive in all types of commercial kitchens,” said Jeff Kiesel, CEO of Restaurant Technologies. “This acquisition is key to our growth strategy. We are at a key moment in the growth of this company. This acquisition represents just one of a series of planned investments.”

“Adding Grease LockTM disposable filter pads to Restaurant Technologies’ portfolio of products and services allows the company to serve a broader customer base with a new fire prevention solution,” Kiesel said.

Grease LockTM is a state-of-the-art patented product that captures up to 98 percent of airborne kitchen grease before it enters a commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. The filter pads and metal frames replace traditional baffles, reducing fire risk and the cleaning frequency. Grease LockTM filter pads and metal frames are shipped directly to restaurants and are easy to install and use.

This is a strategic acquisition because Grease LockTM filter pads can be used alone or as a complement to the Restaurant Technologies’ AutoMist® automated exhaust-cleaning system. “The addition of Grease LockTM further positions us to help our customers create safer, smarter kitchens in their foodservice operations,” said Kiesel.  Restaurant Technologies is known for its automated cooking oil management and grease-management solutions used in commercial cooking settings such as restaurants, groceries, hotels, universities, hospitals and casinos throughout the United States.

Grease LockTM products are available in standard industry sizes. Restaurant Technologies is in the process of launching this new technology across the country. The sale has been finalized, though specifics of the transaction were not disclosed. Information about Grease LockTM is available at www.greaselock.com.