Restaurant Technologies Partners with Rutter’s Farm Stores to Overcome Labor Inefficiencies


July 27, 2017

Leader in automated back-of-house innovations helps prominent convenience store modernize prepared-food operations

MINNEAPOLIS – July 27, 2017 – Restaurant Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Rutter’s Farm Stores, a family-owned convenience-store chain operating 68 locations throughout central Pennsylvania. Rutter’s has signed on to install the automated Total Oil Management system in all 55 of its locations that offer fried-food options. Rutter’s plans to use the technology in its new stores moving forward.

“The Total Oil Management system has completely transformed the way we manage oil. It eliminates the need for our employees to manually handle fryer oil at any point in the process. This modernizes our operations and greatly boosts our labor efficiencies, allowing staff to focus on the customer and more productive tasks,” said Ryan Krebs, director of food service, Rutter’s.

Previously, Rutter’s manually managed fryer oil the traditional way – shuttling 35-pound jugs of hot, used oil to the rendering tank located outside of the facility, and pouring equally heavy jugs of new oil into the hot fryer. This process was causing severe labor inefficiencies in the convenience store’s standard operating procedures and raised employee safety concerns.

Upon completion of a 60-day test run in three locations, the oil management system reduced oil usage by roughly 15 percent. Rutter’s managers emphatically reported significant improvements and consistency in food quality due to the new requirements to filter the oil once a day for a minimum of five minutes, keeping the oil clean and fresh. Additionally, automated oil management contributed to Rutter’s maintaining a cleaner facility by eliminating oil spills and the dirty, unpleasant rendering tanks.

“The increased demands for quality, on-the-go meal options has accelerated the adoption of the Total Oil Management system across the C-store segment. It’s an honor to support Rutter’s as they continue to improve their fried-food quality and operational efficiency to meet consumers’ expectations,” said Kevin Thorne, national sales executive, Restaurant Technologies.

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