Rutter's Farm Stores: Less work at the fryer, more face time with the convenience store guests

As with many convenience stores, Rutter’s Farm Stores have been placing a significant focus on quick dining options for people on the go. As their kitchens grow and continue to cook up more tasty options, Rutter’s employees achieve...

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“I’ve Got an Easy Way to Make the Most Dreaded Process of Your Entire Shift Better.”

“The More Time We Can Spend With Customers and Focus on the Food, That’s a Big Win.”

“An Absolute Proven System”

“Does it Get Rid of the Rendering Tanks?”

With more than two decades of food service experience, Ryan Krebs is more than familiar with the hassle that comes with filtering and replacing oil. Even though safety and efficiency are already big values in the culture of his locations, elements of “old school” oil management were still standing in the way. Heavy jugs were still being shuttled to fryers, and filtering was limited to just draining and cleaning remaining residue and gunk. Then, after its use, hot oil would be placed back in jugs to empty outside in unsightly and potentially hazardous rendering tanks.

So, when Krebs looked into Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management system, he knew he was on to something good. “I saw this system and I said ‘this has to be better.’ By providing better productivity and safety, it just really resonated with me as being an opportunity to make things more efficient. One of the things that employees dread doing anywhere is fryers. So, when I saw it, I knew I had to know more.”

Krebs and his team did the research about how, with Restaurant Technologies’ system, fryer oil can be filtered, removed and added with single-switch operations. Two self contained tanks store fresh and used oil outside the building, directly connected to the kitchen via piped lines. Fresh oil is added with a special food-grade hose, and used oil can be safely filtered or drained to an outside tank without touching a drop of oil.

When Krebs presented his plan to the CEO of Rutter’s Farm Stores, Scott Hartman, greater savings, efficiency and safety were already assured. But there was one particular problemthat stood above the rest for the head executive – “does it getrid of the bad rendering tanks?” With one successful test runand a chain-wide rollout later, that answer is a definite “yes!”