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Less work at the fryer, more face time with the store guests


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Bar Louie

How Bar Louie reduced workers comp claims due to slips and falls by 50%


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Best Practices for Shortening Management Using Filtration Monitoring


Infographics & Resources

Kitchen Safety 101: How to prevent costly restaurant injuries

Whether you manage a QSR or casual dining establishment, these are the most common types of injuries that occur in restaurants:

Understanding the impact these injuries could have on your business and knowing how to prevent them can help make your restaurant a safer place for your employees to come to work.

Go Green, Save Green: How to make your kitchen more sustainable

Reduce your kitchen’s environmental footprint and decrease costs.

Whether you replace all your equipment with ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances tomorrow or start by actively recycling waste today, any effort you make to reduce your back-of-house environmental impact makes a difference.

Does your Kitchen Need an Oil Change? Choosing the Right Cooking Oil

A guide to selecting the right cooking oil

Cooking oil may be the secret ingredient no one is talking about when it comes to fried food. It can mean the difference between a one-time visitor and a regular customer. You certainly want good taste, texture and appearance, but there are also other considerations for choosing oil.

Calculate your Sustainability Impact Potential

The purpose of this calculator is to demonstrate the environmental impact of the Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management system. Click the link below to learn how much trash has been eliminated, and how much space is being saved in dumpsters and landfills by using our system.

Calculate your reduction of waste

The purpose of this form is to demonstrate the environmental impact of the Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management system. Complete the boxes below to learn how much trash has been eliminated, and how much space is being saved in dumpsters and landfills by using our system.

Three megatrends behind the rise of safer, smarter kitchens

Three megatrends behind the rise of safer, smarter kitchens. Admit it. When it comes to managing your food service operation, back-of-house is typically back of mind. More times than not, it’s front-of-house that gets the biggest share of your attention. However, many in the business are beginning to realize it’s time to bring forward a...

The Oil Management Value Chain: Return on Investment at Each Step of the Process

For as long as anyone can remember, fried foods have been high on the list of desirable menu items for fast casual foodservice organizations. Consumers debate over the best French fries and which fish sandwich is crispiest. Restaurants have come a long way in making fried foods a healthier choice for consumers, including switching to...

Oil Management: Converting a Cost Center to a Strategic, High-Impact Asset

This whitepaper details the reasons that oil management ranks above oil selection in enabling food service operators to meet their frying program goals - to select an oil that delivers the optimal combination of durability, flavor, nutrition and cost effectiveness. This document also prescribes that managing fryer oil impacts more than...

People often revert to their old way of doing their jobs. But if they fully understand the benefits behind a business decision, they’re more likely to change for good.
Joe Sciortino
Procurement Manager, Wild Wing Café
We’ve been using the Restaurant Technologies system for the last 5 years. We currently have it installed in all 172 of our restaurants. It’s one of the best systems I’ve ever seen for managing oil. There’s so many wins to this system.
Matt Hansen
Chief Operating Officer, KBP Foods
Our old system was so messy, physically strenuous and even dangerous, that employees were cutting corners to avoid doing the work. Instead of filtering the oil, employees would add fresh oil to bad oil, overuse the oil and then dump and replace large quantities.
Tony De Salvo
Franchisee, Bar Louie
Our employees love Restaurant Technologies. They appreciate the safety of the system and the cleanliness that the system delivers.
Greg Winans
VP, Operations, US Restaurants
Employees love not being exposed to hot oil during the filling, cleaning and disposal process.
Eric Oppenheim
Chief Operating Officer, Republic Foods
Restaurant Technologies has definitely contributed to our success in helping us maintain a return on investment on the equipment and on the monitoring, and they’re part of the extended team.
David Ostrowe
President, O&M Restaurant Group