The Oceanaire Seafood Room Selects RTI for Oil Management


July 2, 2008

Fine Dining Restaurant Group Values Benefits of System

MINNEAPOLIS – (July 28, 2008) – The Oceanaire Seafood Room installed the innovative oil management system from Minneapolis-based Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI) in its newly-opened Cincinnati restaurant, simultaneously announcing it will use the system corporate-wide. “After having installed the system in a few of our operations, we determined that the benefits gained were measurable on a number of levels,” said vice president of Culinary Development for the restaurant group, Wade Wiestling. The Oceanaire, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, currently operates 16 restaurants in 13 states and plans for additional growth. The restaurant group is recognized for its ultra-fresh seafood, which is flown in daily.

Wiestling, whose job is to “oversee an extremely talented group of chefs, to influence and enhance our culinary innovations and encourage each chef to create a regional, local flavor,” remembers clearly the challenges of manually managing frying oil. “The oils were filtered through coffee filters into a stainless steel bucket and we cleaned out the fryer with a brush and sponge,” said Wiestling, who saw many employees injured from accidents related to dealing with hot oil.

RTI’s system for the transport, storing, handling and disposing of frying oils in foodservice operations is unique in the industry. The company’s MaxLife™ Total Oil Management Solution involves the installation of two space-conscious tanks in the customer’s kitchen – one for fresh oil, one for waste oil – and a locked outdoor fill box. Fresh and waste oil lines run to the tanks from the fill box, and to the fryer from the tanks. Employees no longer manually fill or empty fryers. Oil usage is remotely monitored by RTI through its Global Tier group, eliminating management time previously spent on this task and also eliminating errors in amounts ordered.

RTI further improves results by operating within a HACCP-controlled process from the time the oil is received at RTI’s depots to the time it is delivered to operators’ fryers. The oil is never exposed to air or to handling by employees, two elements that compromise oil quality. This process enhances the food safety of the oils and results in multiple environmental benefits.

Wiestling selected RTI’s system for The Oceanaire for a number of reasons. “The first benefit is improved employee safety – eliminating the need for our employees to carry hot grease around; secondly, it’s a cleaner system, it keeps our aisles clear and we’re not tracking grease to the reclamation area – which is good for our relationships with our landlords; and thirdly, we appreciate RTI’s recycling of its used grease…we’re all moving in the right direction,” he said.

Also important to Wiestling for his restaurants is the quality of the oil. “We’re happy with the quality of RTI’s oils; we filter our oils very little, preferring to use very clean oil for our cooking and we have evolved to 100-percent trans-fat free,” he said.

“We’re very pleased that Wade has selected our system for The Oceanaire,” said Jon Getzinger, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, RTI. “He values the benefits our system provides to the safety of his kitchen staff as well as the quality of his menu items.”

Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is a privately held, Minneapolis-based company providing oil management services to more than 15,000 national restaurant chains, independent operators, grocery delis, universities, hospitals and other foodservice outlets. Led by Jeff Kiesel, chief executive officer, RTI currently operates 36 depots across the United States and plans to add new markets in the coming years. Global Tier, an information-utility and professional services group that specializes in networkenabling equipment, targeted application development, data collection and data management, is an operating division of RTI. With annual growth rates of 50-percent since its founding, RTI’s goal is to be the frying oil and oil management system of choice for foodservice operators nationally and internationally. For further information on the company, visit

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