Why space-age technologies have practical value in your kitchen


August 8, 2016

By Jason Cocco, VP of business & product development, Restaurant Technologies

In the pilot episode for the 1960s cartoon show "The Jetsons," Rosie the Robot cooked dinner and pineapple upside-down cake for George Jetson and his family using elaborate robotic contraptions and whimsical gadgets. Since then, people have dreamed of having such technology available to prepare their food.

When it comes to your fast casual restaurant, the future is now.

This revelation comes at an apt time for owners. Restaurants are faced with labor shortages and high turnovers, so any solution – high tech or otherwise – that promises greater efficiency and productivity is a welcome one. For many younger employees, new technology is intuitive. Society's digital connectivity means new hires expect to work with the latest technology, particularly in a restaurant's back of house (BOH).

Automated technologies are currently operating everything from ventilation hoods to ovens, which help commercial kitchens save time, increase energy efficiency and achieve higher food quality. Access the full article here to read about examples that demonstrate the potential smart kitchens have in today's world.

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