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Our automated solutions help achieve your business goals.

Every Jack in the Box customer expects their fries to taste the same way they tasted last time. Amazing. Restaurant Technologies helps you achieve better food quality and more by transforming oil management from problematic to automatic.

  • Create more consistent food quality
  • Improve staff safety and morale
  • Protect your business by reducing risk
  • Increase efficiency

Over 37,000 commercial kitchens nationwide agree that Total Oil Management and AutoMist help control the kitchen chaos.

Jack in the Box Case Study

“The safety of my team is paramount. With an automated system, the possibility of slip and falls, burns, and heavy lifting are greatly reduced.” Read more about the success of our automated solutions for Jack in the Box franchisee Michael Flores.

Total Oil Management

Eliminate the manual handling of cooking oil through an automated solution that delivers, stores, filters, monitors, and removes oil.

  • Custom system installation that works with your equipment
  • Dependable bulk cooking oil delivery
  • Hands-off remote monitoring of filtration and oil usage
  • Removal and recycling of used oil
  • All-in-one efficient system that transforms your back-of-house


Automate your difficult hood and flue cleaning to remove and prevent grease buildup on an ongoing basis.

  • Cleans on an ongoing basis
  • Eliminates the need for third-party hood cleanings
  • Protects your business from fire
  • Gives you peace of mind
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Dedicated to You

Together we will improve operational efficiencies, increase profitability and control the kitchen chaos.

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John Selby

National Account


“Anybody who operates a restaurant wants convenience for their employees. Total Oil Management and AutoMist are great. If I were to build another restaurant, I’d put them in automatically. Wouldn’t think twice about it. It’s a no-brainer.”

TJ Ahmed • Jack in the Box franchisee


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