Proudly serving up innovative solutions and services to the foodservice industry.

Restaurant Technologies is dedicated to helping commercial kitchens become more sustainable while saving time, labor and money.

Headquartered in Minnesota since 1997, we have over 40 depots located in the neighborhoods and metros we proudly deliver to and service. Learn why over 30,000 restaurants use Restaurant Technologies for bulk cooking oil management and hood cleaning, and see how much you can save today.

Industries Served

Our unique solutions take out hassle, risk, mess and cost from some of the most demanding applications in the back of the house and let our customers focus on what they do best—provide great-tasting, crave-able food.

QSR/Fast Casual

Quick Service Restaurants are where Restaurant Technologies started more than 20 years ago with our founding customer, McDonald’s. We understand that QSR is a pennies business, and we help most of the largest brands and their franchisees save…

Casual/Fine Dining

Restaurant Technologies understands that the customer experience is #1 for Casual and Fine Dining Restaurant operations…


For grocery food-service operators, we know that keeping things friendly and presentable behind the deli counter is a must…

Convenience Stores

Restaurant Technologies knows that more and more consumers are looking to convenience stores to provide quick food and beverage options…

Higher Education

Sustainability is also key for your communication with the student body, faculty, prospective students and parents…

Non-Commercial Food Service

Whether you are a contract provider or an in-house department, we support the operations needed to feed large numbers of customers…


Restaurant Technologies specializes in helping the hospitality and casino industry create operational efficiencies in their kitchens…

Our work is guided by a strong set of values that keep us grounded and focused on what is most important.

  • Restaurant-Safety-Employee-Safety


    Safety is not only key to the bottom line, it creates an environment that nurtures employee productivity and satisfaction.

  • Restaurant_Sustainability


    Improve your restaurant’s environmental footprint and increase your commitment to community sustainability with Restaurant Technologies.

  • Restaurant-Food-Quality-Consistancy-Improved

    Food Quality.

    Improve the consistency of your fried foods with a flip of a switch by implementing our Total Oil Management System. Better flavor all the time.

  • Improve-Restaurant-Efficency-and-Employee-Satisfaction


    Increase your restaurant’s efficiency. Manual disposal results in waste and downtime for your staff. We ensure your kitchen runs at optimal efficiency.


Case Studies

Learn how Restaurant Technologies Solutions translate into real world results for food service operations and operators like yours.

Dairy Queen Dairy_Queen_Case_Study_Cooking_Oil_Management_Recycling_Cost_Savings

Dairy Queen

When your name and reputation are as ubiquitous as that of Dairy Queen, ensuring the quality of your food as well as the
Apple American Group Apple_American_Group_Case_Study_Restaurant_Technologies

Apple American Group

Apple American Group Makes Fried Foods Tastier, Employees Safer Restaurant oil management isn’t something the average co