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Commercial Cooking Oil Delivery Recycling Filtration Disposal

Automate and simplify your back-of-house.

Commercial Cooking Oil Delivery Recycling Filtration

Automate and simplify your back-of-house.

Control the Kitchen Chaos

with automated solutions to the hardest jobs in the kitchen​

We are dedicated to providing the best services for restaurants and commercial kitchens. So, let us take the weight off your shoulders and help optimize your kitchen with our hardworking technicians, fleet of trucks, drivers, innovative restaurant tech solutions, equipment, and expertise.

Your kitchen staff is fried.

Improve morale. Improve retention. Improve control. Automate the worst parts of their job.


Automated Cooking Oil Management

Discover fresh solutions for old, deep-fried thinking. In a busy kitchen, get a measure of control with an advanced system that removes the need to manually handle oil. We’ve got the hardest job in the kitchen covered through our automated cooking oil management system. You can count on:

  • Custom system installation that works with your equipment
  • Dependable bulk cooking oil delivery
  • Hands-off remote monitoring of filtration and oil usage
  • Removal and recycling of used oil
  • All-in-one efficient system that transforms your back-of-house
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Automated Hood & Flue Cleaning

Cleaning hoods and flues is a hard but essential task. Well-oiled kitchens use our AutoMist® automated hood and flue cleaning system. Grease buildup causes dangerous issues in busy kitchens. Our system ensures your hoods and flues are being cleaned on an ongoing basis to:

  • Remove and prevent grease buildup with AutoMist®
  • Eliminate the need for third-party hood cleanings
  • Protect your business from fire
  • Give you peace of mind
Play Video about AutoMist - Automated Commercial Hood and Flue Cleaning - Restaurant Technologies

Protect Your Business


Automate the most hated jobs in the kitchen to improve retention and morale.

Oil Safety with Restaurant Technologies - Serving Customers Nationwide


Protect your staff by reducing oil-related accidents and hood and flue fires.

Ensure Food Quality with Restaurant Technologies - Serving Customers Nationwide


Ensure consistent food quality when you automate your oil management.


Reduce waste and recycle used oil into biodiesel.

Proudly Serving Customers From Coast to Coast

Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, we have 41 depots and over 1,200 employees serving over 45,000+ customers nationwide. Explore success stories and discover how our partnerships have propelled us to become the leading cooking oil provider in the restaurant industry.


Trusted by the World's Leading Brands

From independents to national chains, we’ve got your back-of-house.


Restaurant Technologies - Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

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