Building a Better Box, Together

Together, we’re creating safer, smarter, sustainable restaurants across the country.

Total Oil Management

Automate the entire cooking oil process with a closed loop handling system that increases efficiencies and improves safety in your restaurant. Automation supports operational consistency while driving food quality, and helps support your people initiatives.

AutoMist System

Revolutionary innovation built for your kitchen, reducing the risk of hood and flue fires while eliminating 3rd party cleaners. Our automated cleaning solution eliminates grease buildup and maintains a safer kitchen giving you, your employees and your customers peace of mind.

Grease Lock

Reduce the need for traditional hood and flue maintenance by proactively capturing up to 98% of airborne grease and particulates, including from flour batter, in the high-efficiency, disposable filter pad system.


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Our team is 100% dedicated to supporting Jack In The Box in achieving your business goals. Together we will drive better operational efficiencies, increase profitability and create more sustainable kitchens.

Carlos Benavides

National Account Manager Jack In The Box

John Selby

National Account Executive Jack In The Box

Dorothy Mushenski

Dorothy Mushenski

National Account Executive Jack In The Box