Oil Management

Why Oil Management?

Oil management encompasses the receipt, storage, handling and disposal of frying oil – often the most time-intensive and frustrating tasks that foodservice employees endure. Dealing with oil is also one of the most dangerous and potentially costly activities, directly related to increased restaurant waste, operational inefficiencies, unclean conditions, serious employee injuries, increased insurance premiums and workers' compensation.

Automated Solution

RTI's oil management solution provides a turn-key system that takes care of oil delivery, storage, handling and disposal. The complete system comes with all the hardware, software, installation, training and support services you need to easily automate oil management.

Online Access to Management Tools

The web-based customer oil management portal gives managers an easy-to-use web-based dashboard for visibility into oil usage, filtration, deliveries and more. This data, pulled from equipment, POS and other points in your operations is continually updated for daily analysis. With this visibility, operational variances will be apparent and easy to manage. Through easy customization your policies and SOPs can be programmed into the portal, so you know when procedures are being met or missed. This creates training opportunities for staff, improves adherence to standards and improves overall business practices. With improved adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) customers will rave about your food quality and consistency.

Your Oil, Your Choice

With a full line of premium frying oils, including a selection of zero trans-fat oils, RTI offers an oil that that meets your flavor requirements. Our team of local experts will consult with you on your oil needs and priorities related to durability, flavor, nutrition, requirements, and cost.

Oil Market Commentary

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