Attention all Burger King Franchisees - Restaurant Technologies is an approved vendor of Total Oil Management

We are proud of our partnerships with Burger King franchisees. Delivering the most innovative oil management program from end to end.

Restaurant Technologies has developed a simple, turn-key based system that provides easy cooking oil management. Delivering fresh cooking oil, removing waste cooking oil, and filtering oil with the flip of a switch. Improve your restaurant safety record or protect it! Hot oil manually handled by employees is an accident waiting to happen!


Andrea Cook

National Account Manager
Burger King

Andrea Cook is the dedicated resource for the Burger King partnership within Restaurant Technologies. Andrea Cook comes to Restaurant Technologies with 17 years of experience in the foodservice industry.
In addition to Andrea, we’ve added a dedicated Account Manager to support all current Burger King customers. Aimee Krueger has been with Restaurant Technologies for 8 years working with key national restaurant groups nationwide. We’re looking forward to introducing you to the new team and continuing to grow a successful partnership with the Burger King brand.

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Case study: How one franchisee protected employees and profitability

Total Oil Management

The simple and easy way to order, receive, store, handle and recycle cooking oil. Fresh oil is delivered and used cooking oil is picked up at the same time. We even automate the process so it is easy, intuitive, and ready when you need it.

News & Updates

Burger King Flis Enterprises Installs Restaurant Technologies, Inc.’s Total Oil Management Solution in All 16 Stores

MINNEAPOLIS – August 13, 2015 – Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI) is pleased to announce that its Total Oil Management Solution has been installed in all Flis Enterprises Inc. Burger King locations. High standards and consistency are synonymous with family-owned Flis Enterprises. Since 1979, Flis Enterprises’ 16 Burger King Restaurant franchise has built a successful brand on delicious food at a great value via fast and friendly service.

“Adding RTI’s oil management to our restaurants improved store cleanliness, product quality and employee safety. The RTI team provided professional support along the installation process while providing data to improve oil management. It is truly an added value to our organization,” said Dominic Flis, owner of Flis Enterprises.

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Burger King Franchise Serves Up Employee Safety with Clean Kitchens

MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 11, 2013 – Employees are less likely to suffer from slips, falls, burns or strains at nineteen Burger Kings because Republic Foods found a better way to handle cooking oil in its franchise restaurants. Republic Foods installed an automated oil management system from Restaurant Technologies, Inc.®(RTI). Now, employees enjoy easily managing the restaurant oil – because it can be added, filtered and disposed of, even while hot, without ever needing to touch a drop.

“It’s our job to provide a safe work environment for our employees,” said Eric Oppenheim, Chief Operating Officer, Republic Foods, the largest Burger King franchisee in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. “Installing technology that makes our fried food more consistent and better tasting, and eliminates liability and risk due to oil mishaps is a win-win.”

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Franchise Times — No robo-burgers yet for automators

Saving run time, of course, means less maintenance through the life of that fryer or broiler. And sensors can alert operators and managers before a piece of equipment fails to avoid costly outages or spoilage.

A Restaurant Technologies Inc. product takes the labor out of changing fryer oil. Kevin Schlutz, president of Central Iowa KFC Inc., is a fan of efficiency by way of automation. He’s recently upgraded to web-based thermostats and a new equipment-monitoring package. But it was an integrated oil-management system in the company’s 15 restaurants that gave him peace of mind.

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“I made a decision to partner with Restaurant Technologies for several key reasons including Safety, Cleanliness and Simplification. This program has been very helpful to our team and has made the life of our restaurant general managers much easier. Retaining quality people is key for us and this program makes the employees happy. We have seen at least a 20 minute reduction in time spent handling oil by replacing a very manual process with an automated system. This allows us to reallocate resources to more customer facing tasks. This has been a great benefit to the Kedis team”
Clinton Lewis
Senior VP Operations- Kedis Enterprises – AKFCF Northeast Regional President
We estimate that employees spend at least 15 fewer minutes on kitchen cleaning at the end of each day. This can get them home to their families faster, but it also saves us about $150 to $200 per week in labor costs at each location.
Tony De Salvo
Franchisee, Bar Louie

Chef / Bar Louie
I recommend the system to my fellow franchisees. I do think it improves the quality of your product and it does give you the ability to hold your managers accountable and I highly recommend it based on my experience.
Brian Vaughn
Franchisee, Burger King
Our employees work with hot oil every day to prepare the KFC chicken our customers have come to love. We can’t afford to overuse or misuse shortening because it affects our dollars spent, kitchen safety and food flavors.
Kevin Schlutz
President Central Iowa KFC Inc.
High quality food is something we just won’t sacrifice. The Restaurant Technologies monitoring system takes the guesswork out of oil management and filtration processes, improving consistency and employee accountability which positively impacts our food quality.
Tony De Salvo
Franchisee, Bar Louie


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