AutoMist - Automated Hood and Flue Cleaning

Get better control of the dirtiest task in the kitchen.

Eliminate grease the easy way

Grease buildup can feel like a never-ending struggle. You have your hoods and flues cleaned by third-party hood cleaners, but how long does that last? AutoMist® automated hood cleaning is the most convenient way to take your hoods and flues from sometimes clean to always clean.

Always Clean Hood and Flue Solution

AutoMist automatically sprays hoods and flues with a mixture of water and detergent, removing grease that’s present and preventing future buildup — keeping them clean and safe all day, every day.

AutoMist - Automated Commercial Hood and Flue Cleaning - Restaurant Technologies

Protect Your Investment From Fire

Nearly 6,000 restaurant fires are recorded annually in the U.S. with a loss of more than $165 million in fire-related property damage. AutoMist automated hood degreaser reduces your risk of fire by stopping grease buildup before it starts.

One Less Thing to Manage

Inviting third-party hood cleaners into your kitchen is as messy as it is disruptive. AutoMist automated kitchen exhaust cleaning eliminates the need for third-party hood cleaners. No mess, no downtime, no loss in revenue.

A Hassle-Free Kitchen Upgrade

Get the AutoMist upgrade with no upfront costs.

What’s Included

AutoMist is more than a product. It’s a program that provides ongoing support with:

  • Equipment and custom installation
  • Maintenance and repair with training and 24/7 support
  • Quarterly inspections with preventative and system performance checks

Are there viable alternatives to professional hood cleaning services?

Learn about the new and improved way to clean your restaurant hood.

Save up to 15% on insurance premiums with automated oil management .

How often should you clean your exhaust hood? Consider these factors.

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