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In the hospitality industry, you’re in the business of creating unforgettable guest experiences, and a big part of that is getting the details exactly right. One such detail is cooking oil management, and while it likely won’t be the first thing your guests notice, you can bet the house that they will notice if poor cooking oil management leads to poor food quality. At Restaurant Technologies, for more than two decades, we’ve helped restaurants, hotels, and casinos succeed with cooking oil management. We simplify everything in the process, from cooking oil delivery to disposal and refilling fryers, to picking up used grease for recycling.

Cooking Oil Management for Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

We understand that hospitality kitchens are buzzing all day long. There’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, and you still have to support room service and banqueting in between. That’s why hotels, casinos, and other hospitality businesses especially appreciate how simple Total Oil Management is — and how much time it saves.

When you sign up for Total Oil Management, our technicians install a state-of-the-art oil management system with two oil storage tanks on the premises: one for fresh cooking oil and one for used yellow grease. With easy-to-use controls, you and your employees can execute oil management tasks effortlessly — including automated disposal and refill. 

It makes the process so quick that you can filter every day or multiple times per day — even when there’s barely any time for changeovers. That means that your kitchens are always working with better quality oil and your guests get tastier food more consistently.

Save on Your Insurance Premiums.

Get end-to-end cooking oil management & clean hood solutions to help you create a safer, more successful business.

Portable Oil Management Solutions Offer Flexibility and Safety

Many hotels, resorts, and casinos have unusual layouts, with kitchens located at different ends of a building or multiple buildings. If this is the case for your hospitality business, our portable oil management units are a perfect fit for you.

With an included connector hose that attaches easily to your fryer, your employees can safely and easily drain used oil and transport it to a designated disposal area. These portable units are fully enclosed, meaning no exposure to hot oil ever, and can be moved through narrow corridors, elevators, and other tight spaces.

Sustainability Is Good Business

When you embrace sustainability, you’re making a smart business decision. That’s because travelers and corporate conference organizers alike consider sustainability an increasingly important factor when booking hospitality venues, so if you’re not moving toward sustainability by now, you’re behind the curve in many consumers’ eyes. In fact, many guests will enjoy their stay more if they’re made aware of your sustainability initiatives. For these environmentally conscious customers, it’s part of the quality of their experience.

Total Oil Management instantly makes your food program more sustainable. Rather than send your used grease to the landfill to take up space, we haul it away to recycle into biodiesel fuel. With our closed loop system, there’s barely any waste at all.

Trusted by the Hotel, Resort, and Casino Industries

At Restaurant Technologies, we’ve delivered outstanding results through oil management systems and other kitchen innovations to hotels and resorts including JW Marriott, Renaissance, Hyatt, Westin, and many more. We understand that repeat business drives success in this industry and consistent excellence is what drives repeat business.

From Harrah’s to Penn Gaming, we’re proud to have been trusted by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry and created tailor-made systems that help kitchens run more efficiently in many large casino complexes.

Kitchen Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

You’re in the guest experience business. We’re in the kitchen innovation business. Restaurant Technologies provides kitchen services and solutions to hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Total Oil Management

With Total Oil Management, we handle everything having to do with oil for you—from ordering and receipt processing to delivering fresh cooking oil and storing, handling, and recycling the used cooking oil.


A fire in a hotel kitchen is a worst-case scenario. To protect your business from sudden catastrophe, Restaurant Technologies designed the AutoMist system. It cleans your hood, flue and fan every day with a powerful spray mixture of detergent and water to prevent flammable grease buildup.

Portable Cooking Oil Management

Our advanced portable oil technology is a clean, safe and efficient way to transport oil. Perfect for hotels, resorts, and casinos with large layouts, the fully-enclosed easy-to-use tank can be moved through elevators, narrow hallways, and other tight spaces. All without exposing your employees to a drop of hot oil.

Grease Lock

Grease Lock is your first line of defense against airborne grease. The patented disposable filter pad and metal frame stops most grease from getting in, which means grease doesn’t build up as quickly, which means you’re at less risk for a sudden hood fire.

More Than a Vendor

Trusted in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, Restaurant Technologies provides industry-best cooking-oil management and back-of-house hood and exhaust cleaning solutions. We work with over 37,000+ restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, grocery stores, convenience stores, universities, and hospitals, all over the country. We help food service operators make their kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Restaurant Technologies is a privately held company that operates 40 depots with more than 1,000 employees.

Fast and Flexible Installs and Deliveries

Our qualified service technicians handle everything from an initial survey to installing the system. It takes only a few hours to install and can be completed on your schedule so there’s no impact on your kitchen’s productivity. Best of all, there is no upfront capital cost — it’s all included in the service agreement.

24/7 Support

We know you never close, so we have local service technicians and customer service experts available 24/7. Since we stand behind our equipment, all repairs and services are included in the regular program fee and there are never any unexpected call-out charges.

Training and Education

We provide training upon installation and continuing education as needed. Essentially, our oil management experts can be counted on an extension of your team.

Automatic Scheduling

Deliveries and disposals are scheduled based on your availability — and can even be automated. It’s so seamless, your employees probably won’t even notice it’s happening.

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