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These days, consumers expect to find prepared food options in their grocery store deli section. Families are busy, they want to get their grocery shopping done, and have something ready to eat when they get home. If you provide them the hot food options they want, you can unlock an exciting new revenue stream for your business. At the same time, hot food also introduces new overhead — like cooking oil — that can quickly eat into profits. At Restaurant Technologies, we specialize in cooking oil management. We help restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses find smarter, safer, and more efficient solutions — for everything from cooking oil delivery to automated disposal, refill, easy filtration, and used oil recycling.

Cooking Oil Disposal Has Never Been Safer

Even when you work carefully with hot oil, accidents can happen. All it takes is a drop to burn skin, or a splash to leave behind a hard-to-see slip hazard that could easily cause someone to fall. To put it simply: the key to safely handling hot oil is to minimize how much you have to handle it. This is especially important in the grocery store sector as deli employees tend to be older than the average restaurant worker and more susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents and strains.

Our Total Oil Management system virtually eliminates the need to handle hot oil. How? By automating disposal and refill and turning filtration into an easy two-step process.

Mobile Oil Storage Units

We understand that delis are often located far from the back dock, meaning that hot used oil needs to be transported through the aisles of the store for disposal, and that raises safety concerns. If this is the case for you, our portable oil management units are a perfect solution for you. They’re fully enclosed and easy to move — even in tight spaces — so there’s no oil spillage ever.

Total Oil Management for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

There’s no good reason to ever handle hot oil. If you still perform disposal and filtration manually, it’s time to consider a new solution — like Total Oil Management.

When you get started with Total Oil Management, our experienced technicians will come to your grocery store and install two storage tanks — one for used grease, one for fresh cooking oil — and connect them to your deep fryer.

You and your employees can effortlessly drain used grease and refill your fryers with fresh oil — and all it takes is the push of a button. Your used grease stays in the secure tank until it’s time for your next pickup and delivery. The used grease gets processed and recycled into eco-friendly biodiesel.

Save on Your Insurance Premiums.

Get end-to-end cooking oil management & clean hood solutions to help you create a safer, more successful business.

Cooking Oil Filtration Monitoring Data at Your Fingertips

Many business owners say they want to know as much as possible about every facet of their business, but they don’t want to have to micromanage or constantly pay attention to extraneous details. That’s where our Fryer Oil Filtration Monitoring dashboard comes in.

This subscription-based service tracks the frequency and duration of filtration activities, and sends out an email alert if they deviate in any way from your standard filtration schedule. This way, you’ll always know when the last time your oil was changed or filtered. This instant analysis gives you the information you need to ensure consistent food quality every day.

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“I love it, we don’t have to close down for cleaning anymore. For that reason alone, I love the system, and won’t want to go back to the old way.”

Lisa Thurmes

Supervisor – McOpCo

“I saw this system and I said ‘This has to be better.’ By providing better productivity and safety, it just really resonated with me as being an opportunity to make things more efficient. One of the things that employees dread doing anywhere is fryers. So, when I saw it, I knew I had to know more.”

Ryan Krebs

Director of Food Service – Rutter’s Farm Stores

“The ease of the Restaurant Technologies system means our shortening is cleaner, resulting in a better tasting product that our customers can rely on.”

Ken Donahue

Franchise Owner – Burger King

Solutions for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Restaurant Technologies has been delivering innovative services and solutions to the grocery store segment for over twenty years. As deli operations continue to include more hot food, rotisserie and fast-fresh options, Restaurant Technologies continues to ensure you have a safer, smarter, and more efficient kitchen.

Total Oil Management

With Total Oil Management, we handle the entire oil management process for you—from ordering and receipt processing to delivering fresh cooking oil all the way to recycling used cooking oil. Our advanced kitchen technology automates as much as possible so your employees never have to worry about transporting hot oil ever again.


To protect your grocery store business from catastrophic fire and costly downtime, Restaurant Technologies designed the AutoMist system. It cleans your exhaust hood, flue, and fan every day with a powerful spray mixture of detergent and water that combats grease buildup.

Grease Lock

Grease Lock is your first line of defense against sudden devastating exhaust hood fires. The patented disposable filter pad and metal frame reduces how much grease gets in, which means less accumulation in between cleanings.

More than a Vendor

A trusted partner for more than 20 years, Restaurant Technologies is the leading provider of cooking-oil management technology and hood and exhaust cleaning solutions to over 37,000+ restaurant locations, grocery stores, delis, supermarkets, hotels, casinos, universities, and hospitals. 

We help food service operators make their kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Restaurant Technologies is a privately held company, currently operates 40 depots, and has more than 1,000 employees serving customers across the United States.

Fast and Flexible Installs and Deliveries

Our qualified service technicians take care of everything from the initial survey to installing the system. Installation takes just a few hours and can be completed during downtime so there’s no impact on your kitchen’s productivity. Best of all, there is no upfront capital cost — it’s all included in the service agreement.

24/7 Support

If you have an issue, we have local service technicians and customer service experts standing by to help 24/7. We stand behind our equipment, and all repairs and services are included in the regular program fee.

Training and Education

We provide training upon installation and continuing education as you need it. Essentially, our oil management experts are like an extension of your team.

Automatic Scheduling

Deliveries and disposals are automatically scheduled based on your availability. It’s so seamless, most of the time employees and customers don’t even notice it’s happening.

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