Cooking Oil Filtration and Monitoring

Optimize your kitchen and you'll optimize your business.

Take the Guesswork Out of Fryer Oil Filtering

Your customers want golden, crispy deliciousness every time they visit. You know that filtering is important, but keeping it consistent can be difficult. Total Oil Management makes it easy.

Always on Cooking Oil Solution

Total Oil Management automates your entire cooking oil process. It’s always on, so you don’t
have to be: 

  • Dependable fresh bulk cooking oil delivery
  • Filtration + oil usage monitoring and reporting
  • Easy oil disposal
  • Used cooking oil pick-up and recycling
Automated Cooking Oil Filtration - Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

Fryer Oil Filtering Made for You

We customize Total Oil Management to your space and your needs. We place our proprietary sensors inside your fryers and configure the system to match your SOPs. Don’t have any filtering SOPs in place? No problem. We can help you develop SOPs custom-made for your food product and volume.

Innovative Technology That Puts You in Control

Whether you’re managing one or many kitchens, you can’t be everywhere all the time. Our web-based fryer filtration monitoring system tracks your filtration and provides real-time insight into your oil usage. Any deviation from the standard schedule prompts an email alert, ensuring that you always know what’s happening.

Restaurant Technologies Fryer Filtration Monitoring - Total Oil Management System

Optimize Your Cooking Oil for Great Tasting Food, Every Time

When you deep fry, particles of food and seasonings get left behind. Filtering regularly to remove these contaminants not only extends the life of your oil, it also improves the quality of your food. Our fryer oil filtration monitoring standardizes your filtration schedule — optimizing your oil for great tasting food that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Cooking oil that’s not filtered regularly or frequently enough goes bad faster. Total Oil Management makes it easy for your team to stick to a filtering schedule that’s just right for your kitchen. When your oil is filtered properly, you extend the life of the oil, and as a result, you get better cost management.

Automated Cooking Oil Management - Restaurant Technologies

A Hassle-Free Kitchen Upgrade

Get the Total Oil Management upgrade with no upfront costs.

What’s Included

  • Equipment and custom installation with no disruption to your service
  • Proprietary monitoring sensors
  • Custom web portal for monitoring
  • Custom or standard SOPs, based on your needs
  • 24/7 email alerts and real-time reporting
  • Training, maintenance, and 24/7 support

Here are some strategies on how to extend the life of your oil.

Which kitchen automations are right for you? Read our guide.

Here are the four criteria you should be evaluating your oil on.

Get the most out of your fryer oil by following these essential tips!

Regularly filtering fryer oil is essential to crispy deliciousness.

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