7 apps where your restaurant must have a presence

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The classic saying goes like this: There are two things you can count on in life — death and taxes. However, in our modern digital age, we’d like to insert a third thing you can count on — an app for your every need. Because whatever you’re looking to do in your life, invariably, there’s an app for it.

Which brings us to the subject of today’s blog, because while your restaurant is understandably your number one focus, it has the potential to work with hundreds or even thousands of apps outside your walls, and failing to take advantage of this potential will cost you sales and exposure.

However, not all apps are created equal, and you certainly don’t have the time to make sure you have a presence on every single one, so today we’re giving you the list of the top seven apps you need to prioritize above all others in growing your digital presence.


Apps for Restaurants


1. OpenTable. When customers think restaurant apps, this one is commonly top of mind. OpenTable’s benefit to customers is simple: The app makes it easy to reserve a seat at any restaurant included on the app. In addition, customers can also receive perks and rewards for increasing their usage of OpenTable. This causes them to use the app even more, and the next time they do, they can find your restaurant as they search.

2. Tasteful. If your restaurant differentiates itself in the marketplace as a destination for healthy eating, Tasteful is essentially focused marketing for you. Tasteful allows users to search restaurant menus via healthy search options including vegan, gluten free, low carb, vegetarian and others. Make sure your restaurant stands out here for all the right reasons.

3. TripAdvisor. If your restaurant is located in an area where out-of-town traffic is constant (e.g., close to an airport, in a major urban area or a hot tourist destination), then it pays to have a presence on TripAdvisor. Doing so gives potential diners the chance to find your restaurant as they research all of the other fun things to do in your area.

4. Zomato. A comprehensive solution to show your restaurant to potential customers via your menu and dining room photos, Zomato also carries a touch of content marketing by including reviews of your restaurant from local food bloggers. If such reviews have been positive, this is a great way to showcase them.

5. Happy Hour Finder. If you’re a business that boasts about the quality of your happy hour, the need for your presence here is pretty self-explanatory. The hours of your happy hour as well as your deals and specials are all visible here for potential customers.

6. Urbanspoon. The restaurant industry is defined, in part, by its fierce competition, and this carries over into apps such as Urbanspoon. More than just a restaurant finder, Urbanspoon allows customers to not only find your restaurant but compare it to other similar restaurants in your area. If you believe in your concept and the food you offer, Urbanspoon could be huge for you.

7. Zagat. A restaurant app perfectly designed for a mobile audience. Zagat doesn’t bog users down in lengthy reviews and content. Instead the app features quick, bite-size reviews and stat-sheet-style specifics about your business. Zagat says a lot in a small amount of space, and it’s up to you to make sure it says something about your restaurant.

More apps appear every single day, but these apps have shown they have staying power, and make an ideal base for you to launch your app presence. Get started today and your future business will be better for it.