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Grocery Deli Safety

Groceri Deli safety tips by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

Grocery deli safety is not only key to the bottom line, it creates an environment that nurtures employee productivity and satisfaction and reduces unnecessary risk. 60% of Workers’ Compensation incidents in restaurants are related to the handling of cooking oil – whether burns, slips and falls or back strains. The OSHA website is full of examples of severe accidents related to manually handling oil. Especially dangerous is the old-fashioned method of emptying the fryer oil (often still as hot as 300°Fahrenheit) into a stockpot, carrying it across often slippery deli counter floors past many other workers and out into the back dock or parking lot area. Along the way there is potential for spills that can lead to serious burns, spills that create a slip hazard and, in addition, going out into a parking lot often at night creates a security risk for the employee and the restaurant. In addition, carrying two to three 35-lb. jugs in boxes (JIBs) can create back strain risk.

Restaurant Technologies’ closed-loop oil management system allows employees to safely and easily dispose of used oil and fill the fryer with new oil at the flip of a switch. No need to ever carry hot oil again. By creating a safer way to manage a risky and frustrating task, employees feel more engaged and satisfied with their jobs. By eliminating one of the most dangerous grocery and convenience store tasks, employees are no longer at risk from oil-related injuries like slips, falls and burns.

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OSHA Reported Incidents

Employee Burned by Fryer Oil – QSR National Chain

Employee #1 was working in a fast food restaurant. The fryer for the French fries needed to be drained of spent cooking oil. The employee regularly assigned to do this task was on vacation. Therefore, a newer employee was assigned to do it. After the employee was given instructions on how to do it, this employee used a 5-gallon plastic pail as a container for the drained spent hot oil instead of the stainless steel pan. The oil was approximately 630° Fahrenheit. The employee claimed that he always saw the regular person use the pail so he thought it was okay to use it as well. The plastic pail melted due to the heat and the oil spilled on the floor. Employee #1 was allegedly told of the spill immediately but slipped and fell as he was leaving the area that had yet to be cordoned off. Employee #1 sustained second-degree burns from the hot oil.

Degree of Injury: Hospitalized Injury
Nature of Injury: Burn/Scald (Hot Oil)
Occupation: Short Order Cook and Food Preparation

Employee Burned by Hot Fryer Oil – Deli Department of a National Supermarket Chain

Employee #1 was cleaning the chicken fryer in the Deli Department of Grocery / Supermarket. She opened a valve to drain the 300° oil from the fryer into an 11-gallon holding pan at the bottom of the fryer. She then removed the oil filled holding pan and placed it approximately 3 ft away. While cleaning the fryer, she inadvertently stepped into the 8 in. deep, by 22 in. long, by 14.75 in. wide, holding pan. Employee #1 was hospitalized for second and third degree burns to her right foot and ankle.

Degree of Injury: Hospitalized Injury
Nature of Injury: Burn/Scald (Hot Oil)
Occupation: Short Order Cook and Food Preparation

Burned While Filtering Fryer Oil Manually – QSR – National Chain

Employee #1 was preparing to pour hot grease through a filter. As he was bending over, the grease pot slipped out of his hands. When the pot struck the floor, grease splashed onto the employee’s face, inner arms and right leg.

Degree of Injury: Hospitalized Injury
Nature of Injury: Burn/Scald (Hot Oil)
Occupation: Short Order Cook and Food Preparation

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