What you can do to reduce the
risk of food service kitchen fires

It could happen in any foodservice business.

It could happen in yours. An unmonitored flame, a short fuse or a dirty exhaust system and suddenly a flame ignites and your business is threatened by a full-fledged fire. You didn’t think it could happen. And then it did. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reveals that roughly 8,000 foodservice businesses report an incident of fire each year, resulting in a total estimated damage cost of more than $246 million averaging $30,750 per foodservice fire. By focusing on prevention, identifying your business’s key risk areas, and taking steps to mitigate that risk, you can help prevent your business from becoming a part of this alarming statistic, or at the very least help prevent hefty fines when the fire inspector comes. The time to start implementing a fire prevention strategy is now because by the time you smell smoke, it’s already too late