What would you say to earning more and partnering with a company that shares your values? At Restaurant Technologies, that’s what we’re offering to facilities management companies and professionals right now.

The Grease Lock Partnership

We partner with facility management professionals in the restaurant and professional kitchen sectors. Every time a partner signs a location up for our Grease LockTM system, they receive a one-time finder's fee and a percentage of every future Grease Lock filter pad sold. All fulfillment and ordering is handled by Restaurant Technologies, ensuring our partners aren’t burdened by additional labor demands or logistics.

Earn money

Our partners earn a one-time finder’s fee for every location they sign up, as well as a percentage of every future Grease Lock filter pad purchased by that location.

Improve safety

A partnership with Restaurant Technologies is a strong show of commitment to better, safer kitchens. Help your clients reduce their fire risk easily and affordably.

Grow your business

Grease Lock reduces the need for hood cleanings by up to 75%. That means more time for you to say yes to more clients, expanding your business.

Ready for a profitable partnership with true shared values?

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Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships, Tina Swanson, has deep expertise in identifying and developing strategic partnerships. Learn all about what Restaurant Technologies can offer you and your facilities management operation when you choose to join with us.

Tina Swanson
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What’s included in your partner kit

Channel Partner Economic Options

This is a one-page summary of the two distinct compensation structures Restaurant Technologies offers channel partners. It covers end-user pricing, sales commissions, and the general pros and cons for both options. Most facilities professionals who partner with Restaurant Technologies find the Commissions structure to be ideal for their operations!

Grease Lock Overview

This two-page overview of Grease Lock covers all the key features of the product. It goes through how Grease Lock works, where users save money, and several key sustainability and safety features. Use it for your own reference and share it with clients to easily communicate the value proposition.

Grease Lock User Guide

This 7-page User Guide was developed to answer every core question a potential customer could have about the implementation and operation of Grease Lock. It is an excellent resource to provide to interested clients curious about the way this technology would fit into their kitchen operation.

Grease Lock Product Comparison

This resource offers an easy-to-understand, at-a-glance summary of Grease Lock’s features vs. four other popular ventilation filter products. Video links embedded in the PDF demonstrate Grease Lock’s advantages through rigorous testing and provide a powerful selling tool for clients who prefer to see a product in action.

Additional Resources

Supplemental supporting documents and presentations are also included in your partner kit. These references include a copy of the Grease Lock Finders Agreement and slide decks summarizing the value of Grease Lock and details of the partnership.

Grease Lock: A hood cleaning game-changer

Hood cleaning is one of the most time-consuming, messy and all-around undesirable tasks to be found in a professional kitchen. Finally, there’s a better way. Grease Lock is an easy, affordable, sustainable solution proven to drastically minimize grease buildup.

Reduce hood cleanings by up to 75%

Grease Lock’s biodegradable and disposable filter pads capture up to 98% of airborne grease. That is how they cut the average restaurant’s number of yearly hood cleanings from four down to just one. And for the facility managers serving these professional kitchens, fewer hood cleanings mean more opportunity for them to grow their client base.