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Restaurant Technologies Reviews

It’s one thing for us to tell you about our commitment to your business, but it is much more meaningful to hear it from the partners we’ve worked with in the past. These testimonials represent the high standard that we hold ourselves to when working with your kitchen operation.

Maybe that’s why, of the 6,000 customers we survey every year, 99% would recommend us as a business partner.

“Restaurant Technologies has definitely contributed to our success in helping us maintain a return on investment on the equipment and on the monitoring, and they’re part of the extended team.”
OSM logo
David Ostrowe
President, O&M Restaurant Group
“I recommend the system to my fellow franchisees. I do think it improves the quality of your product and it does give you the ability to hold your managers accountable and I highly recommend it based on my experience.”
Burger King Cooking Oil Management - Restaurant Technologies
Brian Vaughn
Franchisee, Burger King
“People often revert to their old way of doing their jobs. But if they fully understand the benefits behind a business decision, they’re more likely to change for good.”
Wild Wing Cafe logo
Joe Sciortino
Procurement Manager, Wild Wing Café
“We’re saving time because we don’t have to drag shuttles around. But cleanliness has also improved; our floors stay cleaner and safer, the back dock is cleaner without the grease bin, and the equipment itself is cleaner.”
Applebee's logo
Jeff Lingel
Area Manager, Apple American Group
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