Portable Restaurant Cooking Oil Shuttle Systems for Large Properties

Your kitchen moves fast. Your oil needs to keep up. The days of your staff slowly (and dangerously) shuffling hot oil all the way from the kitchen to the dumpster are over. Our Portable Restaurant Cooking Oil Shuttle Systems keeps your kitchen running at the pace you want.

For many food service establishments there are significant distances between the fryer and disposal area, or even multiple kitchens. We don’t want your staff to shuttle oil back and forth using unsafe methods. Our portable solution keeps your employees safe and gives you the tools to make outstanding food, every time.

With Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management / Portable Cooking Oil solution, your food will consistently exceed expectations, in a safer, cleaner, more productive kitchen environment with less waste. Our advanced portable oil technology is a clean, safe and efficient way to transport oil. It is designed specifically for unique restaurants like yours, regardless of your kitchen’s setup. The fully enclosed, easy-to-use tank allows you to make practically any space—narrow elevators, tight hallways and more—work. And by providing a connector hose for filling and emptying the oil, your employees never have to touch a drop of hot oil again.

With the Portable Oil System, you can stop worrying about accidents in the back and start focusing on your customers up front. So, ditch your old oil methods and get started today.

The Smart Solution

  • Eliminate loading, storing, and retrieving 35 lb. jugs
  • Eliminate labor-intensive oil handling or long transfers across property
  • Prevent wasted or spilled oil
  • Eliminate employee exposure to hot oil
  • Reduce slips, falls, burns, and associated worker’s comp claims
  • Encourage more diligent filtering
  • Improve back-of-house security
  • Eliminate cardboard and plastic waste associated with oil containers
  • Competitive used cooking oil compensation

The Custom Solution for Your Property

  • Restaurant Technologies provides a fresh oil tank and a waste oil tank
  • Portable unit connects to the fresh oil and waste oil tank to dispose and refill
  • Portable unit is parked near the kitchen with lines running directly to the fryer or moved into the kitchen to service fryers directly
  • Enclosed unit ensures employees never have to touch a drop
  • Fresh oil is delivered and waste oil is picked-up via a lockable outdoor fill box
  • Onsite coaching, training, account management and 24/7 service provided
  • Customer web portal provides up to the minute usage reports, tips, and alerts
  • Everything is handled for you with no disruption to your business

Ready to implement a Portable Oil Management System?

Contact our 24/7 customer care department if you still have questions of if you would like to speak to one of our cooking oil professionals to learn more about how Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management can deliver Safer, Smarter results today!



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“We would have to drain and filter the oil, often while it was hot, into big stockpots that we then covered in plastic. We would then transport this oil via cart – traveling two flights down a ramp to the garage level and out the back entrance. From there, the waste oil was physically dumped into an ugly, smelly tank located outside. This process took two people to handle and was regarded as the worst job in the kitchen. It was greasy and nasty.”

Eric Friedman

Eric Friedman

Sous Chef - The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar (TCO)

“The process saves time, labor and keeps my employees safe. Employee safety is no longer a concern for us with the new system because no one can get burned. Rolling everything out of the kitchen in a self-contained system makes it easy for us. Not only is everyone safer, but the process of removing the oil is 10 times more efficient than what was done before. We are spending less time cleaning the fryers. And as we continue to incorporate new technology in our kitchen, we have also found that this electronic system helps get rid of repetitiveness and adds efficiency. This all provides a great deal of labor savings, but even after just a few months we are seeing cost savings, too. In fact, we estimate we will save $6,000 to $8,000 per year in cooking oil costs. With prices for standard goods and food products going up year after year, this is something we welcome.”

Eric Liebtag

Eric Liebtag

General Manager of Food & Beverage - The Curtis

“Customer service is great, you guys do a great job. I make a call and they come out and are very friendly.”

Patrick Gaughan

Patrick Gaughan

Executive Chef - Marriott International Houston Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • 1. Cooking oil management costs to get started

    No upfront costs or capital investment

  • 2. Oil management with options

    Multiple cooking oil options available at local depots. Comprehensive training and continuing support.

  • 3. Automated and Measurable

    Automatically scheduled fresh oil deliver and waste oil pick-up. Web-based oil management reporting with maintenance and repairs included

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