Kylie can see the future.

It’s the world becoming a better place.
To keep her coming back? Share her vision.

Start by recycling your old fryer oil and reducing waste

Bethany is in love.

And it’s with her favorite fries. Don’t break her heart by
frying her food in oil that saw fish fillet last week.

See how you can gain her love with consistent taste and flavor

Jason is your unsung hero.

You have so much less to worry about when he’s on the job.
But he can’t do it all. Neither can you.

See how total oil management can help make your operation more efficient

Lucas is not your problem.

He would do anything to keep your guests satisfied.
But his can-do attitude sometimes gets in the way of his safety.

Help protect Lucas and your business with automated oil management

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What Is Total Oil Management?

At RTI, we provide a total solution to help you concentrate on creating
customer-worthy fried foods.

  • Delivery. Our delivery system automatically delivers fresh oil and removes used cooking oil, increasing both efficiency and safety
  • Management. Our oil management systems and restaurant operations management technology measures and monitors oil usage to increase
    food quality and consistency
  • Sustainability. In addition to eliminating cartons and plastic containers,
    our removal process can also result in earned credits

Lizard's Thicket Improves Upon Southern Home Cooking


“We have had no burns since implementing RTI’s total oil management system. Not only has it improved employee well-being, it has also been a tremendous saving in workers’ compensation claims. It has just been incredible.” Bobby Williams, CEO of Lizard’s Thicket Read more >

"The ease of the RTI system means our shortening is cleaner, resulting in a better tasting product that our customers can rely on." Ken Donahue, Burger King franchise owner