• Better flavor all the time

    "We’re known for high quality food and that’s something we won’t sacrifice. RTI takes the guesswork out of oil management and filtration processes."

    Tony De Salvo – Franchise Owner, Bar Louie
  • Cost savings, visibility, and compliance

    "RTI is a true partner in ensuring our oil management program is not only adhered to, but enhanced."

    Tom Isaak – VP Operations, Burger King Strategic
  • Safe environment, happy employees

    "Our employees love it. It makes their jobs a lot easier, cleaner and, more importantly, safer."

    Joe Sciortino – VP Purchasing, Wild Wing Café
  • Clean, from the kitchen to the curb

    "We no longer have to worry about spilling oil on the floor or outside the store, washing down the corral area or flies by the grease container."

    John De Carrier – Owner/Operator, McDonald’s
  • Sustainable practices for a healthy world

    "There’s less trash without all the jugs and boxes!"

    Kevin Schlutz - President, Central Iowa KFC

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Food Quality + Consistency

Better flavor all the time

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Cost savings, visibility,
and compliance

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Safe environment,
happy employees

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Clean, from the
kitchen to the curb

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Sustainable practices
for a healthy world

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Restaurant Cooking Oil Disposal & Management

Total Oil Management

The Video of the RTI Total Oil Management Solution in action. RTI provides restaurants with industry-leading frying oil management systems and restaurant operations management technology that measures and monitors oil usage to increase food quality and consistency. Our delivery system consistently and automatically delivers fresh oil and removes used cooking oil, replacing traditional, cumbersome and dangerous practices. Workers no longer have to struggle with hot, heavy and unsafe waste frying oil disposal procedures, increasing job satisfaction and improving restaurant cleanliness.


Customer Oil Management Portal - TOM

Learn how you can use the TOM web-based oil management portal to maximize the storage, handling, and disposal of your frying oil.

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Dedicated service teams, oil delivery and disposal, training and so much more!

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