Restaurant Rendering Tanks

The hassle-free solution made for your business.

No More Messy, Dangerous Restaurant Rendering Tanks

Our end-to-end cooking oil system helps you manage your used cooking oil disposal, storage, collection, and recycling — conveniently, safely, and cleanly — with no upfront costs.

  • Hands-free
  • Stink-free
  • Theft- and pest-deterrent

Unique Site Requirements?
No Problem.

Our solutions are designed to make the used cooking oil process easy for a wide variety of locations.

Solutions Overview

Standard Solution

Designed for traditional kitchen foodservice operations.

How it works
We provide a fresh oil tank and a waste oil tank with lines that run to your fryer. Automatic controls for adding, filtering, and disposing are installed. Fresh oil is delivered, and waste oil is picked up via a secure outdoor fill box.

Portable Solution

Designed for locations with unique floor plans and large footprints.

The cleanest, safest way to contain and transport oil in your multi-level, multi-kitchen facility.

How it works
We provide a portable unit that can be parked near the kitchen with lines running directly to your fryers or moved into the kitchen to service fryers directly. Employees can add fresh oil and pump out used cooking oil at a fill station located at the loading dock connected to the stationary bulk oil tanks without ever handling hot oil.

Total Oil Management at a Glance

Commercial Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling - Restaurant Technologies

Full-Service Program

With Total Oil Management, your site survey, equipment, installation, training, and maintenance are all included with no capital expense.

The Used Cooking Oil Solution Made for Your Business

Our end-to-end cooking oil management system works for you to:

  • Protect employees from slips, falls, strains, and burns
  • Improve back-of-house security
  • Optimize processes for greater efficiency
  • Support employee productivity
  • Effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint with used cooking oil recycling and waste reduction
  • Save money with competitive used cooking oil compensation and potential insurance premium discounts

Here’s what you should know if grease has gone down the drain.

Our portable oil solution makes used oil disposal a breeze.

We make the entire used cooking oil recycling process seamless.

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