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Two Foodservice Innovators Partner to Bring Bulk Liquid Beef Tallow to Commercial Kitchens 

Mendota Heights, Minn., (May 9, 2024) – Restaurant Technologies and South Chicago Packing are teaming up to bring liquid tallow to the foodservice industry through a bulk oil management system for the first time. Beef tallow is a commonly used cooking oil for restaurants due to its versatility and flavor. Industry demand for tallow has been trending up with chefs utilizing its versatility in more dishes and the increased presence of quick service restaurants. The challenge for foodservice operators has been finding an easier and more efficient way to use tallow in its traditional solid cube form.

“This is a great example of how two category leaders can come together to solve real issues for commercial kitchens,” says Ryan Bowlds, Senior Director of Product Innovation for Restaurant Technologies.

While tallow is typically solid at ambient temperatures, South Chicago Packing has developed an advanced, natural refining process that allows their All-FryTM brand beef tallow product to be liquid at room temperatures. The same great food and operational performance of cooking and frying with beef tallow cubes can now be used in a more convenient pourable form.

“All-FryTM addresses major handling challenges for our customers and demand has really exceeded our expectations. We’ve continued to invest in the brand and recently opened a new state of the art production facility to make All-FryTM more accessible than ever,” explains Tom Nalon, Core Business Account Manager of South Chicago Packing.

Restaurant Technologies has been helping commercial kitchens optimize their operation through automated cooking oil management for over 25 years and serves over 40,000 commercial kitchens nationwide. Their Total Oil Management systems are installed either in the back-of-house or outdoors and is comprised of a fresh oil tank, used oil tank, and all the pumps and connections needed to fill and empty fryers. Their fleet of custom trucks monitor the oil level in the tanks and fill the fresh tanks while emptying the used cooking oil tanks – recycling it into biofuels.

Together, the two have partnered to bring bulk All-FryTM liquid tallow to select U.S. markets with the goal of expanding to all 41 of Restaurant Technologies’ depots. The combined solution allows tallow to be used more efficiently and conveniently while making great tasting food – delivering tangible business benefits to restaurants.

“Now restaurants interested in the many benefits of tallow have all the tools to serve great food while reducing oil usage, improving kitchen efficiency, and boosting employee engagement,” says Bowlds.

About Restaurant Technologies

Restaurant Technologies is the leading provider of commercial kitchen solutions for nearly 40,000 customers nationwide. Since 1999, its Total Oil Management and AutoMist® solutions help “Control the Kitchen Chaos” for quick-service and full-service restaurant chains, independent restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, resorts, casinos, hospitals, and more. By automating the hardest tasks in the kitchen, Restaurant Technologies improves food quality, safety, and efficiency for its customers.  

Total Oil Management eliminates the manual handling of cooking oil through an automated solution that delivers, stores, filters, monitors, and removes oil. Restaurant Technologies also works with renewable energy partners to recycle used cooking oil into renewable fuels for a more sustainable business. AutoMist automates hood and flue cleaning to reduce fire risk and create a cleaner, safer work environment.       

Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Restaurant Technologies is privately held and operates 41 depots nationwide with more than 1,500 employees.      

Restaurant Technologies - Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

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Restaurant Technologies - Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

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